In The Name of.. Netflix. What Not to Watch, This Summer.

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‘American Sniper,’ A Review

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JJ Vincent knows there are things some guys won’t admit to, but he’s feeling brave…and late night TV reception is crappy.

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Here’s How Gender Bias In Social Science Works

A new study finds gender differences in learning, using a methodology guaranteed to maximize gender differences. Bad science in action.

“If a man KNOWS he is physically unattractive we focus other qualities instead of beating up our self-esteem.”

This is a comment by Keith Kappel on the post “The Biggest Bulges of 2012: Packing a Double Standard”.

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3 Male Stereotypes in the Media by Geeky Gentleman

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“Smile, You F*ck”: The Accidental Genius of The Last Boy Scout

In the course of shedding IQ points, Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout became something better: the action movie that KNOWS it’s completely psycho.