The One Thing That Stops Most People from Achieving the Life They Want

Feeling stuck is an inside job; here’s the one thing you can do to break free to achieve the life of your dreams.

C-3PO Goes Solo

Are such fundamental ideas like friendship and loyalty truly meaningful for droids?

What Made This One So Popular?

Theresa Byrne deconstructs a wildly popular meme.

‘Criminal’ A Story About Second Chances and Redemption

Criminal shows everyone can have a second chance no matter how bad they may be I was not sure what to think when I went in to see Criminal. It looks like a peculiar movie that has a good cast that are trying to tell a difficult, sometimes hard to believe story. Yet I was […]

I’m a Man Who Knows What Fear is, But Also What it Takes to Overcome It

The journey from running away to facing your fears.

‘Hardcore Henry’ Is a Bloody Mess

The action genre has had some great films and many flops. The always have lots of blood and gore, sometimes to an extreme degree. It is not uncommon for the hero to have to face an army to either win the day or save the woman he loves. The villain always has a diabolical plan […]

We Can Save The World if we Address the 3 Signs of Impending Collapse

Here’s how we can save the world.

‘London has Fallen’ A Disappointing Sequel for Many Reasons

A movie that has an ridiculous plot and is missing the things that made the original wonderful When the British Prime Minister dies under mysterious circumstances, his funeral becomes a must attend event for most of the leaders of the Western world. Precautions are taken on all sides to make sure this doesn’t become a […]

Why Being ‘Spiritual’ Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Masculinity

It turns out, being spiritual is a very desirable trait that goes hand in hand with masculinity.

If You Want to Experience More in Life – Don’t Complain About What You Tolerate

Are you spending your time on this planet sharing a positive or a negative spin on life?

‘Deadpool’ Brings the Merc with a Mouth To Exquisite Life

See this anti-hero in action with all of the violence, comedy and other elements that make this character great There have only been a few anti-heroes in the Marvel universe and even less of them in the movies. Some would say Wolverine has these qualities that don’t always make him a hero, and fans did […]

Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl: Life Is Not a Spectator Sport. Play More. Watch Less.

Terry Lancaster has some life-changing advice to offer, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Men, Are You Ready to Make Each Day a “Jump” Day?

6 steps to taking a glorious leap into the unknown.

How to Be a Creative Rock Star in 2016

These 5 habits will help you unlock your creative potential this year.

Check out these two new kick a** ‘Deadpool’ Trailers

These trailers arrived just in time as a gift for all the patient fans to enjoy This film has been something fans have wanted to see for a long time. The film is finally coming out next year and the excitement for this movie continues to grow. The first trailers were very popular and were […]

‘Point Break’ A Terrible Attempt at a Remake

The film is severely lacking in plot and the characters are pretty bland Recently there have been a couple of remakes that have come out and sadly most of them have been either okay or pretty bad. The Poltergeist remake had amazing special effects but was lacking in the scary department. Now there is a remake […]