Snowpiercer: A Review


A train that circumnavigates the world encapsulates it rather well, providing some intriguing social commentary along the way.

Pure Hot Holy Anger and How It Can Move You to Make a Difference


Robin Rice has learned that sometimes anger can be a force for good in the world. All you have to do is let it move you.

The Value of Possibility


Jaime Zepeda wants to change how you talk about life.

Stop Living a Dead Man’s Life: How to Make the New Year Truly a New One

Living photo by Candida.Perfoma

Alan Bishop wants you to consider this: The story of your life is in your control. Write it, speak it, and most importantly—take action.

Intent vs. Action: We Are Nothing But What We Do

superman-y JD Hancock-flickr

Vaughan Granier points out that we see everything through the lens of what we were trying to do, and not through the lens of what we actually did.

A Look Inside her Mind: 5 Things Women Want you to Know

Good Men Project, Understanding Women, Women, The Way Women Think, Complex Females

Orin Hahn shows why the best way to know what a woman wants is simply to ask her.

How to Kill The Quitter Inside You

Quitter and Melon Eater

Alan Bishop has a solution to all of the negative excuses that prevent us from getting what we really want: Kill the quitter inside you.

21 Choices You Must Make In Order To Succeed


Alan Bishop believes you chose the path to success. Here are 21 choices to make to get you there.

3 Tools to Unlock a Winning Mind and Free the Rabid Squirrel

photo by stanrandom

Alan Bishop, with three ways you can avoid the chaos and develop a winning mindset.

“Letting kids know that adults are willing to talk about the difficult topics—including sex—builds a net of security.”


Did your parents teach you about your body and consent? Or did they skirt around the topic? Paris, Jenny, and Robert talk about why the healthy sex talk is important.

Do You Think Men Are Objectified in Movies?


Heather N argues that men are sexualized in movies based on what they do. Avern argues that even the perception of power and strength aren’t an indicator of character, and thus don’t make the images any less sexual. Do you agree?

Call for Action From The New Education Editor

Mike Andrews new Education Editor

Mike Andrews, the Good Men Project’s new education editor, talks about how he came to be involved in education, and how you can make your own voice heard.

Watch: This is What Happens When You Watch the Cinema


Cinema is next to godliness?

The Power of the Personal in Politics


With our voices united we could turn stories from male survivors of childhood sexual abuse into action.

Animation: Coldcast & The Elite Battle The Man of Steel in New Animated Feature [@dccomics]

Four murderous “heroes” oppose the big blue boy scout in a new direct-to-DVD animated film from Warner Animation.

Gaming: The Walking Dead Shambles Into Your Living Room [@akilshohen]

Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic is getting a lot more interactive and give you a chance to take down zombies.