Do You Know The Difference Between Love and Being ‘In Love?’

Being in love is not a feeling but instead a consistent display of actions, followed by words and experiences that two people share with each other.

Are We All Just a Bunch of Robots?

Author Jay Cradeur raises some questions about what we know and what we think we know.

Are You Dating Someone’s Past?

Theresa Byrne asks how long you’re going to date the person they used to be.

5 People Who are Living not Drifting

We set aside the important, intentional thing for the urgent, immediate thing. All the dang time. At least I do.

How One Small Action Can Change Your Life

We can start small and experience significant changes – Erik Kruger shows us how.

7 Reasons I Don’t Give a Damn About Your Intentions, Only Your Actions

Actions speak louder than words.

What We do Does not Define Us

If we are one person when no-one is looking, and another when we feel we are being watched, we have a problem. A big problem.

“When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.”

Great article, Aaron. I LOVE the last two sentences. As we’ve talked about, with many men it takes a gut wrenching, 2×4 club to the stomach sort of epiphany to want to talk. When my clients reach this point of pain, hunger, or fear…they finally call. When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the flood gates open. Sometimes it’s way too late. Even then it doesn’t matter. He needs to work on being better at his NEXT relationship.
Then he has to decide if he actually going to DO anything different. If nothing changes – nothing changes.
Title: When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.

“Rage should always be reconsidered and de-escalated as quickly as possible, and forgiveness should never be taken for granted.”

This comment by EnterNight on the post Intent vs Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter

How Not to Cheat

Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

Quote of the Day: The Actions of Men

by John Locke

The Carrot or the Stick: Why Men Seek Pleasure or Pain in Every Action

Alan Bishop wants to know: Which choice leads you down the path?

Healthy Attachments to Money

We all need money to survive in this society. If there is a healthy relationship to money, what does that look like?

Dumb boy face

Mastered in childhood and carried into adulthood, the dumb boy face is a pernicious mask handy for avoiding accountability, writes Craig Bloomstrand.

Men Need Time

John Verling is a man of action, not emotion, and he would like others to understand that which he needs most.

“If the football program is producing boys like these, it should be shut down right now because it’s creating monsters.”

Should the Steubenville football program and other programs whose students commit sexual assault be shut down?