Silent on Philadelphia Police Scandal, Mayor Guilty by Association

Power Corrupts Philly

The mayor has been oddly silent on the case of Mr. Brandon Tate-Brown and the internal conflict between the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission and the Philadelphia Police Department.

Ethical Opposition to the Israeli Regime

Ethical Opposition by Ben Piven

An Israeli progressive reflects on the future challenges facing her cause.

His Job Was To Show Up, Shut Up, And Do What He Was Told


“I can’t live with myself if I stay quiet and people die because of it.”

May We #ReclaimMLK With Mindfulness


An overlooked variable of Martin Luther King Jr.’s success was his unique ability to mindfully use his strong emotions rather than be used by them.

Am I Demanding Violence?

am i demanding violence

Nonviolent protest has a place, but not in self defense.

Humanizing Homelessness: “My Father Isn’t An Issue, He’s A Human Being”


Diana has a unique perspective. She grew up watching her father live without a roof over his head.

A Father’s Responsibility To Feminism


We can’t talk about men without talking about boys

All Blood Is Red

Malik Senferu

JiCHO Presents: All Blood is Red (part II)—an International African Arts Movement (I Aam) Tribute to Black Lives.

What’s Worse Than Witnessing Gun Violence?

Richard Taylor 2

Some black men are starting to believe their bad press, so a Chicago author offers this tip.

My Resolutions as an Activist Dad


Brandon Greene is looking for a better future for his son. He’ll do this by continuing to work for change.

Why I Took My Baby to #MillionsMarchSF


Brandon Greene wanted to make sure that his tiny son did not miss this moment in their shared history.

On Restoring Honor To Peace Officers

408419901_66e49bdbda_b (1)

An activist considers the role of the police and restoring the honor of the thin blue line.

Protest Tips

protest tips

Here are some tips on what you can do against a teargas attack

The Gravity of Injustice on Our Souls – A Response to Ferguson, Garner, and the Paradox of the Black Attorney

injustice - paradox response

How do conscious activist professionals handle the struggle of expectations, responsibilities, and fear?