For NYC Actor – Late is Never Bad and Ignorance is a Strength

Exploring the quirks of actor Yaron Urbas.

Is it Time to Stop Linking Masculinity With Material Success?

Gender stereotypes in India—and across the world—crush the possibility of a man wanting to be home while his wife takes on the role of the sole breadwinner of the family.

The Shatner Album That Is Actually Really Good

There are so many albums out there, it’s easy to miss some good ones. Here’s one you’ve got to listen to.

Weird Stuff That Happened to Me as a Marginally Successful Child Actor

Some jobs have more odd moments than others…

A Minor History of Richard Sanders

Tina Cane remembers a television actor and a paternal figure, glossing neither the beauty nor the flaws.

Robin Williams Is Back—in the Form of Jamie Costa

Jamie Costa brings back one of the world’s favorite actors with a series of stunning impersonations.

Hollywood’s Legendary ‘Tough Guy’ Immortalizes His Gay Father

Dillan DiGiovanni admires how Robert De Niro is coming out about his father’s sexuality. The well-known actor, Robert De Niro, like many men, wasn’t able to reach a place of acceptance and respect for his father’s sexuality until recently. But, as the old saying goes, better late than never. Having come to terms with the truth […]

New Dr. King Film to Feature Colman Domingo as Ralph Abernathy

Gregory Walker, Founder of The Brothers’ Network, responds to the news of Colman Domingo being tapped to play MLK’s right-hand man in new film.

Marlon Wayans, Minding His Funny Business

Aiming to be the Bill Gates of comedy, Marlon Wayans is dreaming in living color while remaining color blind to his dream.

Hey Samuel L: I’m Black and Mistaken for Tyler Perry… by Blacks

Samuel L. Jackson made it into an issue of race when a white reporter confused him with Laurence Fishburne. I wouldn’t label the guy a racist. Blind? Absolutely. But not a racist.

The Photographer Knew the Actor’s Tears Were Real, And Had to Stop Shooting.

Photographer Jeremy Cowart was surprised when actor John Schneider asked for a different kind of photo. The reason he asked is even more surprising.

Actor Reflects on Meeting James Avery, Uncle Phil on ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Upon hearing the new tragic news of the passing of James Avery, L.A-based actor Davon Williams reflects on meeting TV’s uncle Phil for the first time.

In Praise of Tom Cruise

Steven Axelrod sees Tom Cruise, today’s action hero. A man who does his own stunts and performs so he’s worth the price of admission. Nothing else should matter.

LeVar Burton and Tim Wise On Racial Discrimination in Policing

Actor LeVar Burton and author Tim Wise explain the differences in their interactions with police.