‘Pixels’ Brings a New Kind of Enemy

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  Only the arcaders can stop this threat in a life or death game This film begins in a simple time. A moment in history when video games were played in arcades and those who played them well were respected and became masters of the classics like Pac-Man , Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and other […]

5 Adam Sandler Movies That Are Way More Racist Than You Remember


Netflix’s upcoming Ridiculous 6 isn’t the first time Sandler has gotten into trouble. _____ By Feliks Garcia Adam Sandler’s latest film nobody will watch, the Spaghetti Western spoof Ridiculous 6, received some unwanted attention last month when a dozen Native American actors walked off set in response to offensive, racist depictions of their people in […]

Dear Hollywood Face Police: Knock This Sh*t Off

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What Larry Womack doesn’t understand is why people would think it is okay to air negative opinions about someone’s face in a public forum.

How To Use the Bad Rep of Today’s Man To Find Happiness

Howard Falco, How to Use the Bad Reputation of Men to Your Advantage, Bad Rep, Defying Expectations

While pop culture makes men look like clueless, overweight losers, Howard Falco explains how to defy such low expectations and find personal happiness and love in the process

The Unintended Consequences Are The Ones You Never See Coming


We do our best to make good decisions, but we can’t know everything they’ll lead to.

Handsome Men with Unattractive Women (A Combination the Media Will Never Show You)


Why is it funny when a beautiful woman kisses an unattractive man?

Will You Still Like Me If Your Pet and Baby Don’t?


Rodney Uhler questions his capacity for compassion.

This Town Needs a New Sheriff


Jeff Cohen defies you to find him a comic figure in the movies today who you’d be proud to share with your young son.

That’s My Boy

Trigger warning for abuse and rape.  Waaaaaay to welcome me back from the con, assholes. [Transcript: Suck suck suck horror suck horror suck suck oh God is there a single JOKE in this trailer strippers drunkenness abusive parenting suck horror suck. Title card: Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy.] Adam Sandler has perpetrated his latest abomination […]

Adam Sandler and Rape Culture

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Eirik Rogers chastises Adam Sandler for glorifying and making light of statutory rape in his new film That’s My Boy.

Class Acts: Hollywood’s Actors Who Went to College


Find out where your favorite A-lister went to get their smarts

Childbirth, C-Sections and the Violence of Creation


Christian Piatt talks about witnessing the birth of his son, and how while it’s miraculous, it’s also violent.

Anger Management: Guys, Get Mad & Get Laid

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Jamie Reidy reacts to surprising news regarding what women want.

Ferrell, Wahlberg, and Baldwin Could Create Greatest Football Comedy Ever


The project is tentatively titled “Three Mississippi,” and it seems fated for classic, quotable status.