Your Dreams Have a Dark Side and This is What You Can Do About It

I am a recovering daydreamer. Maybe you are one too? I hope so, because it’s lonely over here.

Could This One Decision Make You a Better Lover?

They tried to make him go to rehab, he said “no, no, no”

Thoughts from the Front Lines of the Heroin Epidemic

Tim Lineweaver has been there and works on the frontlines. The heroin epidemic isn’t going away and it’s in your homes and your backyards.

Are You Ready to Lose Weight in 2016?

If you are ready to get serious about your health, here are some things you need to know.

12 Steps, Religion And A Secular Alternative

” …(A)ny alcoholic capable of honestly facing his problems in the light of our experience can recover, provided he does not close his mind to all spiritual concepts. He can only be defeated by an attitude of intolerance or belligerent denial.”

8 Ways to Put the Fun in Your DysFUNction

It’s Time to Stop Blaming and Start Reclaiming: Reclaim the FUN of Your Family DysFUNction.

Are You Battling with Goal Addiction?

The act of goal-setting feels good. So good, in fact, that it can lead you into the belief that setting goals is enough. Sounds like an addictive cycle, right? It is.

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

When you realize your Rock God is mortal.

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Son’s Sexual Life?

If you choose to have pornography anywhere in your home, you should guard it as carefully as you guard your guns, prescription drugs, and cleaning chemicals.

Addiction: What Can You Do When You Blow Your Recovery?

When you are in recovery, sometimes you are going to get wet. The only question is how quickly will you get back into the boat?

Addiction: Laughing Loudly While Quietly Crying Into Your Beer

Recovery is about getting your life back. Maybe it’s time to recover your sense of humor?

I’m Not a Broken Toy (and Neither Are You)

Amy Dresner get that it’s hard — and important — to stand up for your new self in sobriety.

Adoption, Addiction, and Adoration: Two Dads’ Tale of Adopting a Newborn

Moments from being able to breathe easier, knowing this baby will soon be theirs to keep safe, Kevin and Marc receive terrible news.

How to Create a Personal Growth Plan for the New Year

A little exercise that will make a big difference in your life.

One Husband’s Fight, One Wife’s Plea

My husband will always be a great man to me, the greatest friend I have ever known. The greatest father my children could want for. The greatest provider we could pray for. The greatest desire of my heart and the greatest need of my live. Even if, just maybe, he’s not as fine as he says he is. My love for this rumbling, grumbling, angry old geyser will never waver, no matter how many times life’s pressure causes him to erupt.

Santa Claus And One Man’s Personal Resurrection

Christopher MacNeil tells the story of his personal fall and ultimate rise and reconciliation.