5 Ways to Support a Loved One Struggling With Addiction

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Be skeptical, be unafraid, and take care of yourself. Some of the advice Britni de la Cretaz has on how to help a loved one battling addiction.

What Does it Mean to Have ‘Enough’?

enough is enough

Tom Matlack reflects on the world buzzing around him and wonders why there is the seemingly unquenchable thirst for “more”.

When I Take a Picture of My Son’s Smile, I Miss His Actual Smile

photo by the ritters

Matt Brennan knows technology makes his life easier. But it also makes it easier for him to disengage with real life.

The Slow Train of Addiction


Being the parent of someone who struggles with serious addiction must be a living hell.

A Dad’s Letter to His Long Gone Father and the Unending Quest to Forgive


Tim Lineaweaver shares his heartfelt letter to his father who is no longer here. It is an epistle that demands answers from one who cannot respond.

What if Addicts Received Effective Treatment Instead of Prison Time?


The war on drugs, poor treatment programs, and the social stigma of addiction have caused an epidemic of suffering among young addicts and their families.

Connect To Your Family Not Your Phone


Are you using your portable devices or are they using you?

Midlife: Welcome to Your Independence Day!


Sean Swaby says Independence Day isn’t a date on the calendar. It’s an amazing, adventurous time of life.

Intimacy, Sex, and Romantic Love After Addiction


Kevin Griffin discusses his own evolution and growth into truly happy relationships.

One Story Every Man Must Be Willing and Able to Share


The one story restored her respect for her husband and hope for their marriage. — I’m not a man and will never be able to fully understand their deepest fears and motivations. But, my husband tells me that a man’s ego is like a fragile egg in the hands of his wife, regardless of how […]

Confessions of a Gaming Addict


When the need for an escape begins to control and isolate

Online Therapy for How to Help an Alcoholic or Drug Addict

Online Therapy by Jeffrey

Do you love an alcoholic or an addict? Counselor Carl explains how caring for yourself is the healthiest thing you can do—for you and your partner.

How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Look up and see what is in front of you.

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.

We Faced Our Son’s Addiction Without Losing Ourselves – Or Each Other

our sons addiction

We stopped letting our son’s addiction control us and learned how to find our inner peace.

An Appalachian Saga: The Lost Boys and Girls


Fly me back to Neverland.

Men and Therapy: Perfectly Hidden Depression

perfectly hidden depression

Therapy is about doing something about the problems in your life. It’s not sitting around and talking about them. It’s about solutions.