Why I Love College Basketball


Tweet Continuing with the best NCAA Tournament articles from the GMP Sports archives, Yago Colas admits he has a soft spot for the college game, one grounded in the knowledge that the players we’re watching these few weeks in March are not quite yet adults. Everything that stirs us and causes us to cringe during […]

Will You Ever Grow-Up?: 7 Marks of Maturity

birthday man 2

Leadership expert, Dr. Tim Elmore, discusses the challenges of growing up in a culture that overwhelms and delays the process of becoming a mature man.

Ft. Monroe Officer’s Club


John Tinseth remembers the first older woman who caught his eye, and the first time he made his father laugh.

Hunter Hayes Knows You’re Not Invisible

hunter hayes

Innovative campaign makes country artist’s new single a fan collaboration.

Longing for the Longhairs, or a World Where Men Are Different

Where are all the longhairs photo by robynlou8

Melissa Potter almost always fell for the guys with long hair. And she finally figured out why.

“By celebrating myself, I’m more able to celebrate others with genuine love.”

love yourself

This comment by Todd on the post The Importance of Male Self-Love

The Importance of Male Self-Love

Ballers of the Heart, Jackson Bliss, The Importance of Self-Love, Male Self-Love, Why Men Need to Love themselves, Loving yourself, Loving One's Self

Jackson Bliss explains why the world is a better place when men love themselves

Dressing Like a Clown Doesn’t Make You a Gangster


The FBI says you’re looking at gang members. I say that’s insane clown talk.

Why Doesn’t Batman Ever Smile? Part 2


Part two of Rosalind Wiseman’s groundbreaking new book on the world of teenage boys.

‘Friday Night Lights’: A True Story of the Big Myth

Friday Night Lights

As the Texas high-school football playoffs enter championship weekend, one ex-player provides a first-person portrait of Friday Night Lights.

Please Stop Asking if My Students are Hot

class room-Leo-setä-flickr

Pat Brothwell on why this question bugs him so much.

Boy with Kite


William Kelley Woolfitt reflects on boyhood and the ecstasy of possibility.

The Relevance of Adolescence

newskin-y newskin0-flickr

Soni J. has a message for young men, “Be all the teenager you can be; it’s all relevant!”

Learning the Truth About Sex (and Santa)

santa tablet

This can also be filed under “reasons children shouldn’t possess smartphones.”

First Kiss


William Reichard writes about desire and adolescence.

What is Masculinity? One Man’s Story


Frederick didn’t know what type of man he’d become. Then he discovered that masculinity is inheritable.