My Daughter Is Obsessed With the Father She Doesn’t Have

I adopted my daughter myself, as a single mother. But lately, the comments about her “Daddy” keep on coming …

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One disabled man’s bold decision to adopt three teenage boys is making waves–and for good reason.

Where Are The Men?

Veronica Rock asks: where are the men spending time with children waiting to be adopted?

No Batman and Robin Weren’t Lovers, Stop Insulting Male Caregivers That Way!

Why is it when Daddy Warbucks takes in an orphan it’s cute, but when Batman does it he’s a pedophile?

Our Daughter

Anthony A. Angelini reflects on the adoption of his daughter

Would We Do This Whole Journey Over Again If We Could?

Adoptive parent Mike Berry looks back … with no regrets.

Love is Thicker…

A lineage snapped at the neck…

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A Letter to the Son Who Made Me His Father Forever

Can a man be so present for a child that a few hours create a bond that lasts a lifetime? Chris MacNeil shares a letter that answers that question. Yes.

My Unconventional Father is My Hero

My hero is the man who raised me.

Dreaming of Adoption

As they start their journey towards adoption, Brad and Justin tell us their story.

A Dad Adopting: An Interview With Claude Knobler

Adoption is a noble and selfless act. Claude Knobler knows what it’s like to be the dad of an adopted child. Here are his thoughts. — I recently featured an excerpt from Claude Knobler’s book, More Love, Less Panic: 7 Lessons I Learned About Life, Love, And Parenting After We Adopted Our Son From Ethiopia. Today […]

“You Know He’s Black, Right?” A Dad Raising An Ethiopian Child In Jewish Family

  One of the most difficult things a person will do is understand how they perceive themselves in this world, Claude Knobler’s son may have a leg up thanks to his dad. — Here at GMP, we thrive on stories about manhood that break molds and tear down walls. Claude Knobler has done that with […]