A Son Tells His Gay Dad , “You Are Not My Mom”

father and son

Although he knows he didn’t mean it, those words hurt Rob Watson, and where his son got the idea hurt almost as much.



In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” a car named Kiki gets in an accident. But what really hurts is the crash between the present and the past.

ReMoved: A Viral Short Film That Will Change You


This award-winning short film creates deeper understanding of what life is like for a foster child.

The Ways We Talk, the Ways We Listen


“My brother visits from Korea with his girlfriend, S. If they marry, I will not be the only adoptee in the family to return to Korea and marry a Korean woman.” By Matthew Salesses

Marriage Is a Garden … Ya Dig?!

Marriage Is a Garden 2 by Ashley Mitchell .jpg

An amazing woman shares her simple marriage secret after five years of happiness with her husband, ‘Amazing Grace.’

Meet the Teen Diving Champ With Two Dads

teen diving champ 2

“When people ask me what it is like to be straight and to have gay parents, I tell them ‘It’s great!’”

A Gay Father’s Experience With Foster Adoption

A Gay Father's Experience with Foster Adoption

Ted Peterson of Next Family and his partner Ian share their experience of becoming foster parents and discuss the scars that can run deep in foster children

Changing Lives: Bringing My Daughter Home From Ethiopia


Paul Steinmetz recalls the journey to adopt his three-year-old daughter from Africa.

‘Pro-Family’ Legislators Kill Bill Protecting Same-Sex Families

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A subcommittee in Virginia’s House of Delegates killed a bill to allow second-parent adoption for children whose parents are not legally married.

“Mom, Why is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Didn’t

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Rebecca Carroll was adopted by white parents, and saw the world through their eyes. Now, as the mother of a son who is black, she is seeing the reality of race in a whole new way.

We Adopted Our Son, and Yes, He Has Down Syndrome


Please do not thank Kari Wagner-Peck and her husband for adopting their son. It’s the two of them who are grateful — to him.

In Our Gay Family, Two Little Best Friends Became Brothers

Best friends, best brothers.

Rob Watson and his partner planned to raise a boy and a girl. You know what they say about plans…

The Powers That Beast: What is the Adoptee Voice Worth?

two dolls

“Adoptee voices must be included in conversations about adoption. Adoptee voices must be valued.” By Matthew Salesses

The Funniest Things Strangers Said to Us After We Adopted Our Dude

Me and our dude.

Garon Wade and his husband Jamie were prepared for their son in 2012. They were not prepared for what strangers had to say.

Love is Thicker Than Blood

when love is thicker than blood photo by Peter Werkman

Phillip Chesnut was asked this question by his wife, “If you were sterile and not able to conceive a child, but I could, would you want to utilize a sperm donor or just adopt?” Why was it so difficult for him to answer?

Italy is the Only Country in the World That Russia Will Allow to Adopt Russian Children

Pavel-Astakhov-Russias-childrens-rights-ombudsman-AP-mikhail metzel

Due to restrictions against same-sex couples, Italy is the only country in the world that can adopt children from Russia.