My Inheritance From My Father

father and daughter

A daughter learns to accept the inheritances from her father, good and bad, and appreciate them for what they bring to her life.

Why We Tell Our Story and How It Liberates Us


Telling our story of abuse does not erase it, but it is part of the work that is needed to heal.

From Broken Dreams to Dream Street


From being raised by relatives, caring for his mother, mourning a father he barely knew, and homeless. To performing his own songs on stage.

Evolution of Love — The Freedom of Goodbye

girl flying

Love hurts, if we let it. But we can evolve beyond the pain and fear when we learn to let go and say Goodbye.

A Son’s Letter Never Sent to His Dad


From surviving abuse as a child to battling alcoholism as an adult. Regrets, forgiveness, and the peace to move on.

Can Bad Fathers Make Better Fathers?

good or bad

Sean Davis kicks off a new series called “On Fathers of Fathers,” featuring adult children who address how their fathers influenced their parenting. In death, Sean’s dad becomes something more than a bad memory.

Don’t Give Up Your Life


If your family will not be kind to you this holiday season, please: be kind to yourself.