The Vagina Dialogues

What does it take to be an ally to women?

My Husband Live-Chats with Porn Girls

Watching porn is one thing. Live -chatting with sex workers is another.

Why We Crave Porn

Although we treat porn as a commodity, it is actually a deeply desired human interaction.

The Utility of Violent Porn

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

How to (Not) Become a Male Pornstar

Ever watched porn and thought, ‘I could do this, easy’?

Women and Sex Work

Suburban wife, mother, and sex worker Elle Lynn Stanger talks about the women and men who make and use porn.

Male Porn Stars Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

If you’ve ever watched porn, or lied about watching porn, or wondered what it might be like to “act” in porn, or generally pondered porn’s place in our collective consciousness (unconsciousness?), have we got the story for you. Susannah Breslin—who has written extensively about the porn industry—takes us inside the world of male porn stars. […]