Beyond Survivorship — How to Own Your Life

We have all been victimized, in some way, at some point in our lives. One way to know you’re over being a victim.

2 Reasons I’m Sick of Hearing About Abuse

Sarafina Bianco is sick of hearing about domestic violence in the media. But maybe not for the same reasons as you.

What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies

It’s never too late to address unexpressed emotion stored in the body as pain, tightness, and discomfort.

What Our (Straight, Married) Best Man Taught Me About the Value of Family

A best man supports the marriage of his friends, long after the reception.

Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

When it is possible at all, forgiveness is an ongoing, sacred process.

Boy P.O.W.

An abused boy with the courage of a prisoner of war.

The Man Behind the Mask

What keeps men from sharing their feelings—until it’s too late? Psychotherapist Stephanie Morgan explores the Boy Code through Rick Belden’s poetry.

Virus: Multimedia

The nightmare of infection ends here. Poet Rick Belden and visual artist Staci Poirier on the infectious nature of family violence.

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