Why Reading My Father’s Obituary Was More Painful Than His Death

Although “love” was just a word that excused the torture he endured, in the end he was listed as his father’s first beloved son.

Difficult Conversations: Raising Awareness on Campus with 1BlueString

1 in 6 men have survived childhood sexual abuse. By reaching out to them in college, 1BlueString helps them start recovery early.

The Hug that Ruined My Son’s Birthday Party

I don’t want my sons to learn that it is okay to force physical touch — not even it it’s family.

Learning How to Talk About Your Assault

Identify what you want from others

Late Nights Are for the Broken-Hearted

Danica Barnett shares a painful story of how abusive partners continue to haunt and assault their victims, as real-life monsters whose memories never fade.

They Tried to Take My Voice, I Took It Back

As a male survivor of sexual assault, Tim Mousseau followed a pattern of staying silent—until he took back his own voice.

From Hurt To Healing – Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Brave stories from three men who were assaulted and abused, physically, verbally, and sexually. This will change what you think about sexual assault and abuse.

The H.E.R.O. Corps

We throw the word hero around a little too casually these days. Here are some men who earn the title.

Talking and Not Talking: Sexual Abuse and the Inability to Ask Questions

My earliest memory is of wanting a grappling hook, so that I could climb walls like Batman. My boyfriend’s earliest memory is of being sexually abused.

No Longer a Victim

Donald D’Haene was on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’—twice—as a survivor of sexual abuse, not a victim.


One man’s pleasureland is another man’s nightmare.

How Can You Be Spiritual and Sexual?

Even spiritual people receive mixed messages that complicate becoming sexually mindful.

afterwards: a poem

How does a man feel after sex? That depends upon the man and his history.

Withdrawing from the Sandusky and Lynn Trials

After prolonged exposure to the Sandusky and Lynn trials, it’s natural for a survivor to crave the safety of his own shell.

Hidden Ashes: A Male Survivor’s Fear of Men

Men who are afraid of other men: you are not alone.

The Sandusky Trial: Reflections From Penn State

An adult survivor of abuse reports from the Sandusky trial.