Grow Up… Adults!!!

DiaryDad wants you to GROW UP!!! — Twice in the past week I have dealt with issues in which adults have done very immature and/or childish things when they should have been setting a better example for the children they were around.  Unfortunately both times it has been my youngest that has been impacted and… well… I’m […]

I Wanted Them All

Can you focus on the needs in your life instead of just the wants?

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The Intricate Complexity of Adulthood

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Passing Down Wisdom: Father to Son

Fathers have incredible gifts of wisdom to confer upon their soon-to-be-launched sons. Here’s how I gave my son these gifts upon his graduation.

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The Problem With Raising Sons in the United States

A national initiative to resolve the “crisis of boys” in America.

Reality (TV) Bites

Fashion blogger Tillie Adelson of MyStilettoLife learns firsthand about the dishonest side of reality TV auditions.

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Dillan DiGiovanni shares good advice to truly savor your singlehood.

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A dad who wants the best life possible for his daughter looks out on the higher education landscape. Is college still the best answer?