I’m a Man Who Refuses to Grow Up

When Kevin Nordstrom turned 31, he refused to grow up. __ “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis Last April, there was a birthday party. This birthday brought friends and family over in a dazzling array of costumes. There were Batman and […]

Deep Calls or Big Balls? Howler Monkeys are Either All Mouth, or All Trousers

Howler monkeys are among the loudest animals on the planet, yet they weigh just 7kg – about the size of a small dog, and lighter than a big Christmas turkey.

How I Learned To Love My Son For What He Is… and Also What He’s Not

Why do we celebrate individuality in adults but condemn it in our boys?

Setting Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Saying no doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you.” It means, “I want to be treated with respect.”

Could YOU Tell A Stranger About Your Last Sexual Encounter?

Jayneed Sanders on why kids aren’t talking about their abuse.

Getting Old Just Got Awesome: Sex Gets Better After 50 Years Of Marriage

A new paper says married sex after 50 is a serious upgrade from the 20-something hot-but-confusing dating malaise.

Please Stop Asking if My Students are Hot

Pat Brothwell on why this question bugs him so much.

Why Aren’t We Rude to Grown-ups the Way We Are Rude to Kids?

Ben Martin listens to the way we talk to kids. And he finds it incomprehensible that we can’t give them the respect we give to adults.

When Can I Leave the Kids Table?

The kids table was abolished at my family’s holiday get-togethers, but I still feel like I’m sometimes relegated to the kids table of life.

5 Things We Can Learn About How to Eat by Watching Kids

Eating is so much less stressful when you are a kid.

“If it wrong for little boys to be emotionally constipated by society, isn’t it wrong in other contexts too?”

This is a comment by ogwriter on the post “What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies”.

“There are boys who are NOT high-energy, not into wrestling or sports, and not into screaming. And they are not ‘acting like girls’.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Let’s Stop Faulting Boys and Start Channeling Their Energy”.

Guestpost #91: Ken Romano – Ten Things I’ve Learned From Mentoring Teens

Guestposter Ken Romano share some tips from his nine years of experience mentoring teens in New York.

“We only got married after being together and long-distance relationship for 10 years.”

This is a comment by Leia on the post “What Marriage Isn’t”.

“Victims of abuse can be found in all social and economic classes and can be of either sex.”

This is a comment by Laura Cowan on the post “The Honest Testimony of a Woman Held Captive by Her Husband”.

“We have babies all over the damn place. Sperm and ova don’t wait for ideal circumstances.”

This is a comment by Justin Cascio on the post “Really Rupert Everett? Nothing Worse Than Two Gay Dads?”