Learning to Be Bold: What Loss Taught Me About Life

After his friend lost an unspeakably hard battle with cancer, Jeff Friedman wants to share what he learned from his friend and colleague, Mike Connell.

It Takes a Village (Whether You Want It to or Not)

My child has many teachers. Some of their voices need to be drowned out.

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This Message Stinks: How Axe Finally Crossed the Line

Shawn Henfling looks at the cultural phenomena of Axe and how it teaches guys that they aren’t good enough and women should be objectified or worse.

Dads Covered the Spread in Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

This year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials were chock full of poignant homages paid to dads. Zach Rosenberg breaks them down.

Dove’s Super Bowl Ad: We Love Dads!

Dove Men+Care’s Super Bowl ad celebrates fathers in this touching compilation. 2015 just might be the year of the dad.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Pal, Woolite

Adiba Nelson shows us how one company got it horribly wrong.

Breaking Free From Advertising

Every nook of our lives is filled with advertising these days. It’s so pervasive that we have come to accept it as a fact of life, and it cannot help but have an effect on our minds.

The Darkest (and Best) Dad-and-Daughter Ad I’ve Ever Seen

What happens when a dad realizes how their town is treating his goth daughter?

How to Beat Advertising and Find Happiness Daily

Leo Babauta knows the reason advertising works is because many people are trying to fill a void, but he believes the tools for true happiness are not found in material possessions at all.

Watch These Ads That Manipulate Men

Do advertisers play on male fear and shame to sell products? You bet they do.

What the World Would Look Like if Men Were Women [Video]

Comedy clubs. Magazine racks. Pictures on classroom walls. Things look a little different here.

A Man Who Inspires His Students to Change the World

Madison Avenue marketers pay heed, Jim Guerci teaches his students to reverse engineer advertising that could change the world.

Thailand’s Take On Tech: Where Does It Leave Dads?

Two GMP writers offer two different takes: Is this a glimpse at new, unsure parents or another poor example of the modern dad in advertising?

‘Real Men’ Have Working Hearts

You’ve seen the viral photos of “real men” in their underwear. Tony Posnanski thinks defining any man as “real” does more harm than good.