Giving Thanks for Love and Music

Lyrics have become important, defining. Certain songs are not just enjoyable, but provide significance, whether symbolizing a rise from depression or resuscitating the carefree days of high school.

Getting Over a Thanksgiving Grudge: The Lightness of Letting Go

If you need to be graceful in order to live with yourself, if you desire peace and closure this time of year, you have the power to let go.

4 Ways to Have a Better Romantic Relationship

While you nor your partner can escape feelings of pressure at work or at home, you and your partner can make your relationship more pressure-less by using the following pressure solutions.

Soul Searching in the Midst of Terrorism

The belief we are above hellish circumstances, until hate detonates a hairs-width from our sanctity is insulting and inane. Suddenly we are outraged and hold tight to the perception we have a right to be.

My Word is Stronger Than Oak

Reliability is an important aspect in relationships. Justin Ricklefs on how the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire” inspired him to be consistent to his words.

A Post for Adrien B.

“You have to be here when I come back.” He smiled and said that he would. I made him promise. He did.

You Get What You Deserve, Says Who?

Attracting what and who you want in your life begins with believing you deserve good relationships.

Maybe the Lone Ranger Knew the Value of a Master Mind Group

Intentionally joining a small group of like-minded people creates tremendous power as it delivers watershed perspective.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Do I Judge Myself Worst of All?

When you start with “the man in the mirror”, do you often judge yourself as “worst of all”? What can you do about your harmful self judgment?

5 Unexpected Ways to Find Meditative Moments in a Busy Life

What if you knew you could slip into easy, meditative moments that would recharge your soul, right in the middle of your day? Well, you can.

I Want to Feel Sorrow

Why I don’t want to forget the sadness of losing people.

Dear John: Should I Encourage My Husband to Have an Affair?

Is it ever okay to have an affair? Signed, Sick and Tired

A Public Service Announcement Brought to You By Weird Dreams and Big Tobacco

I started putting cream in my coffee, because black coffee without a square is like corn flakes without the milk. I made changes, and I made it a week, a month, a year

Chance Meetings and Their Power to Change Your Life

Imagine if you just said hello.

F*ck Cancer

Justin Underwood speaks for everyone, when he tells cancer to shove it.

We’re Doomed…a Day of Facebook ‘Facts’

After a day of drinking in Facebook posts and memes, I resisted engaging in trash talk. Doesn’t that count for something?