5 Must-Follow Man Rules


Being a man means learning how to handle your sh*t. But how can we do that when we’re never taught how to take care of ourselves?

Don’t Mourn the Morning: 8 Ways for Waking up Earlier


How do those early birds rise with the sun? Erik Krueger is here to help you get the worm.

The 8 Top Secrets of Couples That Don’t Fight (Very Often)

kiss paradise

They’re simple, but they’re game-changers.

15 Small Things That Are Actually Big Things to Her

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James Michael Sama knows that a few little changes can mean the world to the woman you love.

5 Reasons to Listen to Your Female Friend About Your Girlfriend


Maybe she has an ulterior motive, but maybe she knows you well enough to see what you can’t see.

Why Sexual Compatibility Matters to Long-Term Love

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So you and your new fling have heat… but do you have the type of compatibility that supports a lasting relationship? Dr. NerdLove explains.

100 Miles of Courage: 5 Life Changing Reasons to Work Out Today

Ted after Leadville

Working out is only hard if you choose for it to be. But you are stronger than your excuses. Let one man’s dedication to a 100 mile mountain bike race show you how.

How to Stop Fighting (and Start Making Up)


Dr. NerdLove comes clean about every relationship’s dirty little secret.

Where’s the Beef? One Man’s Journey From Burgers to Broccoli

Real Men Eat Plants

Barbeques, beer, and broccoli? Fitness coach Andrew Raines says eating your greens is the manly thing to do.

Building Attraction: What Matters More – Looks or Personality?


Yes, there’s actually science in the debate about whether personality or looks matter more. Dr. NerdLove explains.

Guys, We Get Mood Swings, Too… And Here’s How to Decode Them


Dr. Bill Cloke explains that moods are more than just random afflictions, but a lens through which we see the world – and there are effective ways to manage them.

There Are Two Ways To Get What You Want…


Nate Bagley looks at how to get what we need and want out of relationships.

12 Signs You’re Dating A Man, Not A Boy


Paul Hudson shows the ladies 12 items that separate the men from the boys.

Are You Afraid To Be Happy?


Jerry Stocking realized that too many of us keep ourselves from having a good time… So he printed himself up a license for happiness.

Three Reasons Why Haters Try to Sabotage Your Success


Why is it that some of my own friends don’t seem to be happy that I’ve started to improve my life?

Building Strong Relationships: Managing Problems vs Solving Problems

lungs managing problems solving

Chris Cowan proposes that in a healthy relationship, “I need you” can be just as true as, “I’m fine without you” – in fact, they’re even more true when you put them together.