5 Reasons to Sign Up for The Good Men Project Writing Prompts

Want to Write for The Good Men Project But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Spanking Gets Results, but They May Not be the Results You Desired

Adults who were spanked are more likely to experience a higher rate of depression, anxiety and drug dependency, more likely to abuse their child or spouse.

Why It Took Me 19 Years to Meet a Black Man

My first conversation with a black man occurred at the age of 19.

Break Up Rules for Sensible People

Wouldn’t this world be a kinder place for singles if you had to enter into a sort of prenuptial agreement before dating?

Gains Galore: The Benefit of Weightlifting

Good old-fashioned weightlifting will still be trending when all the fads have come and gone.

Why Negative Feedback is the Best Feedback

A quick story to help you deal with negative people who are trying to kill your vibe.

My Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In Me

Could an apology actually make a bad situation worse? Allana Pratt Intimacy Expert sees a clue as to why she may have lost interest in him…

Your Deaf Kids and the Hearing World

There will be struggles and challenges, but as a parent, you can help your kids through all them.

Dating: Exhausting, Expensive, and Worth it

Relationships never fall effortlessly together. James Michael Sama on the benefits of putting in the work.

GMP Dads Workshop: Have a Happier Baby, Save $1000 & Lose Weight in 1 Step. (Seriously!)

This is not a ploy. This one simple step can help any family and yet almost no one is doing it.

3 Outdated Relationship Rules That Need To Die

There might be rules to dating, but here are ways to break and end 3 of the most outdated ones.

On the Impending Commencement

The idea, as I sat in the sun, was that when we attempt to bucket the world into inherent qualities we limit ourselves immensely.

Dating After 40: Debunking the Myths

We’re not buying into the excuses anymore, Darling. Dating after 40 is not the hopeless nightmare you’ve led yourself to believe. It’s time to jump back in!

My Kids Have Questions and ‘Because I Said So’ Isn’t Going to Cut It

5 categories of answers that help kids think for themselves and are almost as easy as ‘because I said so.’

Men Are Not Simple Creatures, but They Aren’t Impossible to Understand

Women need a guide, not a manipulation manual of how to get a guy to do what you want.

Choosing to Believe in Love Will Neutralise Destructive Negative Expectations

Even cynical romantics, with a set of unrealistic expectations for a relationship, can see the power of choosing to believe in ‘possibility’.