Make a Path Through the Clutter to Happiness

Happiness in Family Time

Are you searching for happiness but almost at a loss for where to start? Here is a simple starting point to understanding your happiness.

Memoirs of a Step-Dad


Shawn Henfling gives us a peak into the mind of a step-father.

5 Reasons Why Friendly Advice Is Sometimes Better Than Following Your Own


Ever wonder why it’s so easy to give advice to others, but not so much to yourself? Sanah Faroke divulges her ideas behind why this is true.

Dear John: Single Dad — How Do I Handle Daughter’s Adolescence?


A single dad with a pre-pubescent daughter, a roommate dealing with unsolicited attention from her friend’s dad, and a cramped workspace with no room for private phone calls. Dear John resolves all of the issues.

Die, Adapt, or Dig: a Master Gardener’s Guide to Thriving

Die Adapt or Dig by Tomi Lattu

Feeling stuck in his life, Chuck Chapman asked a master gardener what it takes for a plant to thrive. The answer holds wisdom for people stuck in toxic environments.

Moving Past the Distractions of Life

distraction (1)

Leo Babauta explains that without distractions, you’ll be able to focus. You’ll find peace. You’ll find time for doing what you love.

Not Every Break Up Should Leave You Broken

Relationship Breaking

Not every relationship ends with happily ever after. But not every break up needs to break your heart either.

The Five Things You Learn About The World After You Get Cheated On


Dan Scotti contests that there’s no real easy way to deal with being cheated on. But here are a few things you can take from the experience.

How To Breathe


Life moves pretty fast. Leo Babauta offers you a minute to catch your breath.

Finding Balance Between Information Gathering and Experience

Information and Life Questions

Identifying if you are experiencing too much noise in the information coming into your life will be just the beginning of your constant evolution as a wise and caring human being.

Want to Change Your Life Forever? Changing This One Thing is all it Takes


The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 4 – Check In

Michael Ellis Check in

The Be a Better Man Challenge is a spring clean for your life. Over 12 weeks it’ll prepare you to be, do and have more of what you want. Here is week 4.

Dear John: Will Absence Make Her Heart Grow Fonder? Doesn’t Sound Like It


A college student worrying about a long distance relationship, a middle-aged man looking for a relationship, and an office worker afraid of the boss’ dogs. Dear John has advice for them all.

Your Penis Won’t Fall Off And Other Things Boys Should Know


Rita Templeton, author at, has some advice for boys discovering their anatomy.

Letting It Be


Fear and uncertainty will always be present in our lives says David Packman. Here he shares his story of finding the courage and acceptance to let go.

Unsolicited Advice for Newlyweds


Getting married? One more piece of advice you didn’t ask for: Ask yourself, what does your partner expect of you?