A Dad Makes a Culinary Confession

Tonight for dinner I’m having sweet corn, carrots, and turkey. Sounds decent, right? Except there’s a catch.

12 Truths About Defensive Behavior

Letting go of self-protecting behaviors can lead to healthier, stronger relationships.

Sex Beyond Belief: 14 False Beliefs and Beyond (#3)

False belief #3. I can enjoy doing something to my partner that he/she dislikes

I’m the Wife of a Daddy Warrior

Working out a successful custody arrangement with the ex-wife may have tremendous challenges—don’t give up.

Comment of the Day: ‘You can be either a predator or a protector’

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Want to be a kick-ass listener? Joe Doe shares is six rules to get you there.

Better Than Medicine: 5 Foods to Strengthen Your Inner Man

Make thy foods thy medicine!

5 Tools for Changing Your Life on Your Own Terms

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The Leadership Imperative: Investing in Your Team

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Time to Toss the Training Wheels

How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Child

Against Football? An Interview with Steve Almond

STAND corresponded with author Steve Almond about his book Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto.

Dear United (for the time being) Kingdom

Secession, trying to make a go of it as an independent country after decades of union with your neighbors,—these things really don’t turn out all that well in the end. Trust us, we know.

Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not the Same As Apologizing

We’ve been taught to do apologies all wrong. Usually we just make it worse.

When to Tell her You Have Kids

And once she knows, will she run? Will she go cold? Will it be weird?

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If sugar is bad and artificial sweeteners are worse, then what are my options?

Co-Parenting: When It Works and When it Doesn’t

Former spouses need to put aside their difference and work together for the benefit of the kids.