What I Should’ve Known Before Marriage

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Clint Edwards has a message for his younger self concerning the realities of married life.

The Path of the Noble Man


Charity is not giving what you have to spare, but giving what you need to someone who needs it more.

8 Ways New Fatherhood is just like Pledging a Fraternity

dad diaper change

Rob Pollak shares his funny take life as a new dad—it’s a kind of hell week, but with a surprisingly happy ending.

What Does Happiness Mean to You?: 6 Ways to Reach a Positive State of Mind

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No matter one’s creed, origin or social standing, we are all taught that striving to be happy is a hugely important aspect of life.

When Should You Stop Calling Yourself An Aspiring Writer?

Kurt Vonnegut

You’ve always wanted to be an artist, writer, dancer, musician. What’s it take to move from wannabee to am?

The Power of a Question

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Can answering one question help you get your priorities in line? Dillan DiGiovanni says yes.

This Grandfather’s Letter to His Grandchildren Contains Life Advice We Should All Live By

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An Irish grandfather wrote to his five grandchildren just months before his death—the advice is beautiful, poignant and brave.

How to Have a Healthy Divorce

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Nathaniel Smith shares tips for men on how to save your self-confidence and lead the way to an emotionally healthy divorce.

Do You Have the ‘Hell No, I Won’t Let Go’ Syndrome?


Nathaniel Smith shares how holding on to the past or obsessing about the future diminishes your ability to experience a full and happy life.

The 5 Key Pieces Of Advice I Would Give To My 16-Year-Old Self

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A young student at Pace University recently asked me a great question: What would you do differently if you’d known at the age of 16, what you know now?

Dear John: Agreeing To Marry – Disagreeing About Sex

Is he ready to marry her?

Mismatched sex drives, a picky eater, and family get-togethers. John fields the questions you ask.

One Man asks 5 Wise Women What This Troubled World Needs from All of Us


George Cappannelli asks female wisdom keepers what really matters right now, especially as more people approach retirement.

A Message to My Assailant: Lessons on Being Human


“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

–Mark Twain

The 4 Actual Reasons Women Aren’t Answering Your Texts


Fellas. Texting etiquette is a real thing. If a woman isn’t texting you back, here’s why.

Dear John: Is Thirteen Too Young For Sexy Underwear?

underwear present photo by wonderlane

A step-dad’s dilemma, a guy who’s never tried sex toys and thoughts on dating a co-worker. Dear John tackles them all.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has A Lot Of ‘Guy Friends’


How to not freak out about your girlfriend’s platonic male buds.