Study Shows Your Perfect Mate is Probably Looking for Long-Term Love Too

Could your definition of “committed relationship” be what’s keeping you from finding one?

How to Save a Suicidal Life

Ariel Gordon discusses talking loved ones (or even strangers) out of suicide.

Finding Your Purpose in a Society That No Longer Requires Men

We have a situation now where men have been given the greatest gift they could have ever hoped for, and it’s also our greatest curse.

Why the “Romance Phase” Doesn’t Last

The “Romance Phase” is, by nature, temporary. And it often ends painfully. Like yanking a band-aid off – skin, scab and all.

My Story and Findings: The Complete Truth About the Pickup Artist Industry

Not every pickup artist has bad intentions. Some just need a little extra help to show their true selves.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere…Fast

It’s easy to miss the red flags when you’re deep into a relationship. Cortney Rene is here to highlight some warning signs you don’t want to ignore.

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The Only Man in the Room

What’s keeping men from the life-preserving benefits in the women’s world?

Post Thanksgiving Gratitude – Looking for the Good and Finding it at Home

Turn off the news and focus on happy memories. That’s where gratitude begins.

I’m a Man Who Cries and That’s OK

Todd Hannula wants to shatter the myth that it’s not manly for men to shed tears.

Colorblindness and Cynicism

Success is, in fact, more often than not, a function of some sort of absence.

Why I’m Grateful That I Tried To Commit Suicide

After attempting suicide he learned four principles that helped manage his depression.

Why Your Wife Can’t Act Married Anymore

What’s a guy to do when his marriage no longer feels like a marriage? Maybe this story will sound familiar.

8 Real-Life Reflections From a New Workout Fanatic

What Aaron Tang learned from 22 months of working out.

Movember Blues

When you start to question your commitment to Movember…

A Daughter’s Collect Call From Jail Interrupts Thanksgiving Dinner

Sometimes,, reflecting on your past from someone else’s perspective is so much more insightful.

My Disdain For Thanksgiving, And What I Did About It

What are you celebrating, Thanksgiving or Thanksgetting?