A Valentine to My Younger, and Still Single, Self

I want to let you know, it’s all going to be okay.

Do you Understand How Genders Communicate Differently?

Although we aren’t limited to specific communication styles, gender can play a role in our default way of connecting.

What Stay-at-Home Dads Teach Our Kids

Some unexpected lessons come through when a Dad takes the primary role in daily child raising.

The Brutal Truth: There’s No Love Without Trust

It’s as simple as that, folks.

Did You Just ‘Shallow-Shame’ Him? Really?

Why short men who complain about “double standards” are missing the point.

Homesick for a Place I’ll Never Recognize

Is addiction about the things broken within us or is it about helping us feel connected to the world around us?

Men, Take Note: Anger is Only one of our Emotions

If you’ve spent part of your life ignoring your emotions, now’s the time to learn how to handle them.

5 Tips for Dads Who Parent Long Distance

Staying close and bonded with your children despite the distance can be done. Start with these easy tips.

How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With Someone I’m Dating?

How many times have you asked: how long should I wait to have sex? Well, here’s your answer.

Dating Advice Men Over 40 Need to Know

Guys, if you’re tired of being single, you’re going to want to check out this spot-on dating advice. — Want to know the secrets to increasing your magnetism with women? In my weekly podcast, Last First Date Radio, I share valuable tips about how to attract and sustain healthy relationships after 40. I interview top experts and cutting edge authors. […]

She Said I’m an ‘Amazing Man’. Why Didn’t My Wife See That?

Sometimes husbands become amazing men after divorce. Why can’t we achieve that beforehand?

Guys, Gossip is Good for You

It’s time we started seeing gossip as a social skill and not a character flaw.

National Make-a-Friend Day: The 4 Sticking Points in Efforts to Make Friends

Today is National Make a Friend Day! Studies have shown that many men find themselves friendless. Here are 4 sticking points in the effort to make friends, and ways to get past them.

Watch: How to Live Without Regret

Regret does not have to be a permanent condition. This is how you can accept your wrong turns and chart a new direction.

The (in)Convenience of Water Heaters

Convenient isn’t always best, especially when it equals waste.

How are you teaching your son to be a “Good Man?”

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