Talent Is More Important Than Morals

Terrible behavior and scandals continue to make headlines…then are quickly overlooked when someone is talented.

SDR: Life-Changing Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

Writer and blogger Nicole Luongo recalls what her life was like before undergoing groundbreaking surgery.

Royce White: Mental Health is One of the Most Important Conversations for Society Today

Michael Kasdan talks to Royce White about the importance of accelerating the conversation about mental health—in the NBA and beyond.

A New Day on Sesame Street

Do kids see the same things you see? Sesame Street raises the bar in helping kids perceive disabilities.

6 Rules for Ethical, Trauma-Informed Advocacy

Christopher M. Anderson says a full understanding of trauma must inform advocacy efforts for abuse survivors.

Demystifying Divorce Series, Part 4: Shifting Tides

With “Divorce Corp” shedding light on corruption in the family law system, big changes are ahead.

Rising from Silence: Struggles of Being a Muslim Feminist

How loud is your voice? Zeynab Ladak reflects on her journey of advocacy for all as a Muslim woman.

Hogan Hilling: Father, Writer and Advocate for Dads

For Father’s Day: A Special Portrait of Fatherhood with Author Hogan Hilling

3 Feelings We Need to Embrace More if We Want to Change the World

Patrick Sallee looks at where we need to improve ourselves if we want to make a difference.

No Masks Allowed: Dating When Your Teen Is Transgender

For Mary J. Moss, watching her transgender son start to date has taught her than she, too, can take of her masks.

5 Challenges Black Gay Men Face & How You Can Support Them

Jarune Uwajaren on how to offset the lack of inclusion that gay, black men experience by acknowledging their challenges and understanding how to combat them.

Call The (Gender) Police!

Brynn Tannehill is tired of people using gender expression as a ground for personal judgment. It’s time for things to change.

The Difference Between Tolerance And Acceptance

We need to stop interchanging the words “tolerance” and acceptance”, Brynn Tarrenhill says. Tolerance is no longer enough. Here’s how this can change.

Stop Making Murderers Famous

Justin Kanew calls for a new plan of action when it comes to homicidal killers: not giving them fame.

The Day I Found My Voice: Becoming the Father My Family Needed

Steve Edwards argues that the day he became an advocate for his son’s undiagnosed medical problems was the day he truly became a father.

Advocacy and Ego Don’t Mix (or Get Over Yourself and Start Being Effective)

James Landrith reminds us that advocacy is about the end goal and not an individuals ego.