Photo Essay: Speaking Out Brings Queer Youth Experience Into Focus

speaking cover (1)

“Straight? No. Gay? No. Those words don’t feel right. They aren’t Me. B:? Closer, but still not me. Queer . . . . . . . YES! I’m Queer! That’s Me!”

To Meddling Parents of Grown Children: STAND DOWN!


As parents our ultimate goal should be to produce self-sufficient humans who will make good choices in life.

“Nothing pisses off a racist person more than a nice person.”

photo by justinfeed

This comment is from Johnny Walker Black on the post “Is this really news to anyone? Oh, not if you’re a black man.”

#36: Poet


“A hero is a man of distinguished courage and ability; it describes him perfectly.”

Once Again, Social Media Helps the Homeless

Revolution MacInnes from Patch

When you watch Revolution MacInnes walking through the streets of Oak Park, you get the feeling you’re seeing, if nothing else, someone different.

Sex at 60


Psychotherapist Robert Levithan brings his Advocate column, The New 60, to the Good Men Project. In this first installment, he writes about the benefits of dating younger men and generally not acting his age.

Barney Frank Admits to a Radical Homosexual Agenda

Barney Frank

Wondering what’s going to happen when—eek—gay and straight guys shower together? We’ll let Frank answer that one for you.