De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum: There’s no Accounting for Taste

Why do we frequently find it hard to give a rational account of our aesthetic judgments?

The Photographer as Travel Agent

Bad photographs are a corrupting influence upon the imagination. They tell us lies about the world—pernicious, photoshopped lies—which make the real world, the only one we ever really have, seem bland and boring by comparison.

The Civil War between Street Artists and Taggers

Comparing what a street artist does to what a tagger does is like comparing what Caravaggio did with a canvas to what a dog does to a fire hydrant. The Renaissance master brought beauty into the world. The dog does little more than mark his territory. ––– “And it came to pass, when they were […]

A Great Cosmic Joke: The Hilarious Human Body

Human beings are clumsy, hairless monkeys obsessed with looking beautiful. How is that not funny?

Steve Atlas and the New Breed Athlete

Steve Atlas on the small details that create the big picture when it comes to health and fitness

That’s Not A Fedora (And Stop Wearing It)

The trilby has become the cheesy default hat for too many men, and it’s a mistake.

When Did Aesthetics Become Unmanly?

When and how did the concept of masculinity turn its back on art, design, and beauty?

Intriguing: The New Ugly?

Tracy Moore at Jezebel thinks their readers should learn to embrace “intrigue” over sexual attraction in their potential lovers.

The Intact-ivists

A diverse group of men who are opposed to circumcision share a common, if unorthodox, mission—to restore their foreskins.