Why Men who have Sex with Men have Problems with Health Care in Africa

How social stigma is preventing equal access to health care.

Quitting (Poverty) Porn

When advertisers show us only the poor in far-away countries, are they being objectified? How should we respond?

Why Culture, Not Race, Determines Our Taste In Music

Music is culturally – and not racially – ingrained.

The Truth About Africa

College student Katriona Morgan discusses what she learned about Africa during her time in Ghana.

Skull Measurements, Achievement Data And The Destruction Of The Public School System

William Boyle on the history of eugenics, and how it’s still harming our kids today.

What Africa Can Teach Us about Parenting Our Sons

In order to raise their sons to know how to overcome life’s adversities, parents need to trust their own biological instincts. It was an incredible experience trusting my life to a young African man. I was recently thinking back to a journey I took to Kenya eight years ago. I was at the Elephant Watch […]

5 Things You Should Know About Malaria

Get yourself informed about Malaria and its global impact.

Race, Gender, and Awareness

Cecile Emeke, a positive male role model from Hackney, London has a lot to teach men about race, gender, and awareness.

The Promise of Africa and Its Importance to US

With its wealth of natural and human resources, economic engagement by us/world in Africa will bring about prosperity and help solve poverty and wars.

Parents Without Borders: On The Guy Who Made His Daughter a Real Princess

David Vienna doesn’t think this dad’s imperialism is an act of love, it’s a failure of managing his child’s expectations.

On the Road of Life & Death

In Kenya, where only 3% of the population owns cars, what makes drivers slow down? How might we see roads differently?

I’m Shane. I Could Die Tonight. Come Laugh at My Nightmare.

“Shane Burcaw … is razor smart, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud funny. I would help change his underpants anytime.” ~Rainn Wilson

K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks. We Can Help—Easily!

A small token for us makes a huge difference for them and improves the world for all of us

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Abram Petrovich Gannibal

The great grand-father of Alexander Pushkin was born in Africa. He became a prominent member of Russian nobility.

Shooting an Elephant

In deceptively simple language, Lee Patton brings together mortality and isolation, elephants and teeth.

Changing Lives: Bringing My Daughter Home From Ethiopia

Paul Steinmetz recalls the journey to adopt his three-year-old daughter from Africa.