Parents Without Borders: On The Guy Who Made His Daughter a Real Princess


David Vienna doesn’t think this dad’s imperialism is an act of love, it’s a failure of managing his child’s expectations.

On the Road of Life & Death

Zimbabwe Road

In Kenya, where only 3% of the population owns cars, what makes drivers slow down? How might we see roads differently?

I’m Shane. I Could Die Tonight. Come Laugh at My Nightmare.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA,Shane Burcaw, Laughing at My Nightmare, Laughing at My Nightmare, Inc.,

“Shane Burcaw … is razor smart, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud funny. I would help change his underpants anytime.” ~Rainn Wilson

K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks. We Can Help—Easily!

Desks for Malawi

A small token for us makes a huge difference for them and improves the world for all of us

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Abram Petrovich Gannibal


The great grand-father of Alexander Pushkin was born in Africa. He became a prominent member of Russian nobility.

Shooting an Elephant


In deceptively simple language, Lee Patton brings together mortality and isolation, elephants and teeth.

Changing Lives: Bringing My Daughter Home From Ethiopia


Paul Steinmetz recalls the journey to adopt his three-year-old daughter from Africa.

This Is My Father’s Father’s Father’s Land – A Photographic Essay

awa, survival international, brasil, rainforest, africa, social justice, environment, rainforest, neil hill, warriors, men, nature, indigenous people,

10 real male warriors and what they can tell us about our lives.

Fit For a Cause – How One Man Makes a Difference


CJ Swaby speaks with Rob Nestor on getting fit and giving back.

The Day I Realized My Son Was One of ‘Us’

old land rover-by !RD-flickr

The best sorts of discoveries are the ones you bleed for, or bruise for, or burn for. And now it seems my son is going to be just as good at learning as my father and I were.

An Open Letter to the Author of ‘How Circumcision Broke the Internet’

circumcision photo by miss pupik

Brian Earp believes circumcision is worth talking about. And he would like Mr. Stern and the editors of Slate to know why.

When It Comes To Fighting Child Mortality, a Condom Can Make All The Difference

Jean Pierre-Kanedry

Jean Pierre-Kanedry delivers contraceptives to health clinics in Senegal.

Bono Talks About the Good News on Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News)


Bono says, “What are the blind spots of our age? It might be something as simple as our deep-down refusal to believe that every human life has equal worth”

HAPPENING NOW: High-Level Debate on DR Congo at the UN

congo flag

Today at 10 am EST, the United Nations Security Council will host a debate on the crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Truth About the Water Crisis


Nannette Ricaforte explores the question, “Do we have the resources to end the global water crisis?”

Newton Aduaka: The Story of Ezra (TEDTalk VIDEO)


“Ezra is the first film to give an African perspective on the disturbing phenomenon of abducting child soldiers into the continent’s recent civil wars.”