Why it is Crucial to Locate the ‘African’ in African Studies

Can we develop the study of Africa so that it is more respectful toward the lives and struggles of African people and to their agendas?

Off-Grid Power Solutions in Africa Set to Present a $3.1 Billion Market for Investors

The Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016 predicts a brighter future of Africa.

The Myth of White Purity and Narratives That Fed Racism in South Africa

How ideas about disease, risk, and danger that the apartheid government applied to black people were transposed onto fears about Satanism during the 1980s.

Gifted Children in Africa’s Urban Slums are a Precious and Untapped Resource

Gifted children in poor areas of Africa’s cities are unlikely to make it to secondary school. Here’s why.

The Long, Rich History of an African Art Festival

The first black arts festival was shaped by Cold War politics.

How People Can Live Next to Lions Without Killing Them

A new five-year study shows that when people directly benefit from lions, they become more tolerant of their faults.

Off-Grid Power Solutions in Africa to Present a $3.1 Billion Market for Investors

The fastest growth in the off-grid energy market is likely to be in Africa.

Love is Thicker…

A lineage snapped at the neck…

Unsung Heroes: How David Kato Is Changing The World Even After His Death

How one Ugandan man came out and stood up for human rights.

Why Men who have Sex with Men have Problems with Health Care in Africa

How social stigma is preventing equal access to health care.

Quitting (Poverty) Porn

When advertisers show us only the poor in far-away countries, are they being objectified? How should we respond?

Why Culture, Not Race, Determines Our Taste In Music

Music is culturally – and not racially – ingrained.

The Truth About Africa

College student Katriona Morgan discusses what she learned about Africa during her time in Ghana.

Skull Measurements, Achievement Data And The Destruction Of The Public School System

William Boyle on the history of eugenics, and how it’s still harming our kids today.

What Africa Can Teach Us about Parenting Our Sons

In order to raise their sons to know how to overcome life’s adversities, parents need to trust their own biological instincts. It was an incredible experience trusting my life to a young African man. I was recently thinking back to a journey I took to Kenya eight years ago. I was at the Elephant Watch […]

5 Things You Should Know About Malaria

Get yourself informed about Malaria and its global impact.