5 Things Black Husbands Do To Create Loving and Lasting Relationships

Advice from African American men who have had long standing marriages.

Top 5 (Statistically Proven) Reasons to Love Black Men

Where is the love? It shouldn’t take a bunch of studies and statistics to tell us these guys deserve it!

Us and Them, 2014

In this poem, MaryLisa DeDomenicis reminds us of a common stereotype and the human need “to distinguish one’s self.”

An Open Letter To Same Gender Loving Black Men

Dr. David J. Malebranche shares the heartbreaking loss of his friend, Warner, and how the story of his life has a chance to impact us all.

Interview With Judge Harold Wood, New York Judicial Icon

From the racism of 1940’s Tuskegee to a seat on New York State’s Supreme Court, this humble man has helped write history.

Meet Miles Ezeilo, The Voice of A New Generation

Nick Chiles wants the world to see the fresh, talented voices coming from young men – and Miles Ezeilo is one to keep your eye on.

In Mentorship, Collaborative Self-Discovery is Key

Zachary Hawkins knows that “the importance of mentorship in helping shift the future course of our most precious resources is greater than ever.”

Mentors Needed: Super Heroes Need Not Apply

Kenneth Braswell asserts: “You don’t need to be a Superhero to mentor children.”

Conversations About Masculinity: Starving Men

By forbidding touch, particularly touch between males, men in our culture experience life in a world devoid of unconditional human contact.

Teachings Toward Manhood

Continuing with the theme of  young men growing up, and in preparation for an upcoming, publicized Google+ Chat on the topic on 8/20, we are sharing the work of one of the participants of that upcoming chat: Idris Webster On the way to manhood, what are the valuable lessons that you’ve learned? Idris knows his […]

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?

Average Size … for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy

Myths about Black men’s prowess reinforce racist stereotypes about Black men.