Marlon Wayans “Desperate for Laughs” in Haunted House 2

Marlon Wayans

For Marlon Wayans, it’s all jokes. He’s not trying to change the world, just your mood.

Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama?

Are Blacks Falling Further Behind Under Obama

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion in which a group of men talk about the plight of Black America under Barack Obama

Why Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Is AWESOME

Kanye West

Lincoln Anthony Blades on a symbol of hate transformed.

Perceptions & Expectations Of Today’s Black Man


Dr. Vibe asks: What are society’s perceptions and expectations of today’s Black man?

Mississippi Is Enough

love of place, home, homesickness, The South, African Americans

Robert Reece quit looking for his roots in distant lands that have not affected him so deeply as the history, culture, and people of Mississippi.

Why Did Freddy E Do It? Black Men and Suicide


Why Black men are killing themselves, warning signs, and what to do if you’re worried about someone.

A Perfect Test


A San Francisco native travels to the Mississippi Delta for lessons on another America.

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Talking Myself Out of Murdering Jerry Sandusky

Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 12.31.13 AM

Joanna Schroeder attempts to examine the death penalty objectively, despite the visceral and powerful desire to exact revenge against child sexual abusers.

Rankism: The Poison that Destroys Relationships


Robert Fuller discusses the roots of discrimination and assaults on human dignity.

Are Marriage Rights Civil Rights?

Screen Shot 2012-05-13 at 8.48.55 AM

Does calling marriage rights “civil rights” minimize the struggles that Black Americans experienced when fighting for their freedom, their right to vote, and many other civil and human rights?

Thursday HuffPost Edition – Why We Want Trayvon Martin's Death to "Mean Something"

Tweet Race still matters, and for the foreseeable future, race will continue to matter. It is fascinating to read through my Facebook newsfeed sometimes. Certain news stories will be perceived so differently among my friends. Some news stories are highlighted in particular communities (stories about Israel/Palestine, for instance, get a lot of exposure among my […]

That Seat Is Not Taken: Why Black Men Love Southwest Airlines

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 6.12.52 AM

Jamie Reidy relays a surprising story about the not-so-friendly skies.

Comment of the Day: ‘No Such Thing as Black History’

Michele Bachmann

“There is no defending these kinds of statements.”