Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?

After 55 years of being by his side every day, being apart was more than she could handle when my dad became ill.

Your Life is Over Now, Apparently

Stephen Graham was triggered into thought-provoking action when a friend declared her life “over” at 28.

Cubist Spring

Benjamin Myers invokes the mood and texture of Cubism to convey a critical moment in one man’s life.

Why ‘Manning Up’ is the Worst Thing You Can Do

How we can heal male trauma and the resulting illnesses it creates.

You Have Your Father’s Face

Noah Stetzer offers an intense, imagistic meditation on transformation.

Why I Hate Jack & Diane

Romantic love is one of the many perks we get to appreciate more with age.

Is Age Just a Number?

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When Do You Go Full Bald?

Matthew Rozsa asks a question that has haunted men for millennia… When do you go full bald?

In the Mirror: A Retrospect of Growth and Perception

Is aging just something that happens, or is it an opportunity for men to see their own reflection in a mirror and leave a legacy behind?

In the Name of the Father

A boy crosses the threshold to manhood in Joy Ladin’s poem, but he’s not the only one who has changed.

Dealing With My Sexual Decline

Spencer Dryden thought he would simply age gracefully. But then he came face to face with what he calls “the grim reaper of the male ego”.

Is Age Irrelevant for Fitness?

According to those who are still training, it sure is!

Driving the Beast Away

R.G. Evans offers a poignant meditation on manhood, aging, and libido.

A Single Man’s Guide to Turning 50

So you just turned 50, now what?

The Slow Dance to Awareness: One of the Gifts of Aging

Slowing down might be just what we need. The slower and simpler, the greater opportunity for enjoyment. Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck explains.

The Fountain of Youth Is Real, and It’s in Your Head

You don’t need quackery, magic potions, or spells. Science shows that the secret to youthful life is all in your head.