Intensity – The Key to Healthy Aging

It’s time to get off your tush, sweat, and make yourself sore!

Internet Dating for Older Men: A Few Rules for You

Navigating the world of online dating can be tricky, especially for those who are new to the scene. Here are some tips to make it a little easier.

Meatloaf for the Soul

We don’t age alone. This can be both a comfort and a wake up call.

Where in the Facebook is My Friend?

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The Long Way Around in Both Life and the Bedroom

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What Men Need to Know about the PSA Controversy

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Our Aging Population

It’s a real crisis. Here is the problem and what you can do to help yourself and the rest of the world — literally.

Probiotics and the Healthy Man

What men need to know about probiotics- the good bacteria.

You Are Aging. How is it Going?

Whether you’re 17, 45, or 89 your time clock is moving forward. Since my days of reckless abandon ended in my twenties, I decided to enjoy what ever time I had left. I’ve been working at that for over 20 years now and it’s going pretty well. I asked myself, how can I live the greatest version of my life? It’s pretty simple. I do the things I love, spend time with people I love, and share that love with as many people as possible.

The Last Time My Mother Lay Down with My Father

Good poetry’s capacity to convey emotional intensity is exemplified in Todd Davis’s piece on the love of a wife for her husband in his last days.

At What Age is it Easiest to Learn a Second Language?

Is it too late to learn a second language?

Guys: Taking Care of Your Health is Crucial

Rather than become attentive to their health in their twenties or thirties, they charge on; full-speed, carefree, and reckless.

Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?

After 55 years of being by his side every day, being apart was more than she could handle when my dad became ill.

Your Life is Over Now, Apparently

Stephen Graham was triggered into thought-provoking action when a friend declared her life “over” at 28.

Cubist Spring

Benjamin Myers invokes the mood and texture of Cubism to convey a critical moment in one man’s life.

Why ‘Manning Up’ is the Worst Thing You Can Do

How we can heal male trauma and the resulting illnesses it creates.