Is Age Irrelevant for Fitness?

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According to those who are still training, it sure is!

Driving the Beast Away


R.G. Evans offers a poignant meditation on manhood, aging, and libido.

A Single Man’s Guide to Turning 50

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So you just turned 50, now what?

The Slow Dance to Awareness: One of the Gifts of Aging

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Slowing down might be just what we need. The slower and simpler, the greater opportunity for enjoyment. Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck explains.

The Fountain of Youth Is Real, and It’s in Your Head


You don’t need quackery, magic potions, or spells. Science shows that the secret to youthful life is all in your head.

Father and Son: a Painful Understanding

Father and Son by Stefanescu

Andy Schulkind explores the complexity of his relationship with his father.

Lessons from a 94 Year Old Lover

Trude Bock

“Connect with others first, then worry about the details.”

The Day I Became Old

CJ Kaplan Getting Older

One careless purchase transforms CJ Kaplan from a youthful 40-something into a senior citizen.

Middle-Aged Love: Is It For Real or Just ‘Fantasy Island’?

love in middle age

Can a 50-something-old man find that romantic partner in life? Of course! Consider the question, though.

Coming of Age


Bob Marrow proves that old age is not a period of decline.

Soldier, Athlete, Artist: The Sunny Side of Mr. Creo

leonard creo

‘I’m losing a little, but I’m using everything I’ve got,’ says the 90-year-old artist Leonard Creo, for whom old age means working harder to achieve less than what he was used to doing before.

Research Shows Old Age is Getting Younger All the Time


The life expectancy of a child born in a wealthy country today could well be 100 years. By the end of the century, the populations of many of those countries could have median ages above 65.

A Son’s Vigil

A Sons Vigil by photogramma1

Allan Ishac spent his childhood fearing his father would die.

What If We Treated Our Minds the Way We Treat Our Bodies

What If by grimsanto

Ty Phillips challenges us to spend time each day reflecting instead of looking in the mirror or the camera lens.

A Dad Decides His 47 Candle Cake is Lying and Looks at Life Differently Instead


Sean Liddle’s cake will be ablaze this year, but rather than making him feel old, it has given him new resolve. Here’s how.

The 5 Best Ways to Age Gracefully


The best way to age with grace is to become more graceful about aging.