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The American Public and Religion: Less Committed and a Growing Crisis

Elwood Watson sees the decline of religion in the United States and believes it gives us cause for concern.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Use the “A” Word

Believing you only get one life gives you more to live for, not less.

An Amazing Before and After Graphic About Faith

Instead of a faith based on a list of beliefs, D.T. Brown has discovered something surprisingly simple.

A Professional Man in a Secular World Collides with God

Agnostic Jerry Martin had a vivid encounter with a personal God. Then he pondered his options: spiritual counselor, psychiatrist, or just keep quiet?

My Kids Will Believe in the Almighty Power of Thought

“I cannot allow my children to close their minds to all the infinite possibilities of our world and our universe, only one of which is offered by any organized religion.”

I Am Not a Practicing Catholic But My Toddler Will Be

Faith is a choice: I want my son to be happy with his beliefs and let other people be happy with theirs

Death by Confirmation

In this Catholic rite of passage, becoming a man permanently alters a boy’s relationship to his father.

The (Christian) Month of December

Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees the privileged few and an excluded many during the “Holiday Season.”