Home HIV Test? Here’s Why You Should Say No

shadley hiv home Naomi Chungs Daydream Art

There’s now a home test for finding out your HIV-status and Shadley Grei hopes you never use it.

K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks. We Can Help—Easily!

Desks for Malawi

A small token for us makes a huge difference for them and improves the world for all of us

1996: Guyhood … The Early Years (Part II)

White House, AIDS, AIDS Quilt, Names Project, Washington D.C., National Mall

The last full viewing of the AIDS Quilt is among the many events within the second half of 1996–your childhood.

The War to Defeat AIDS Must Continue

aids quilt

Warren Blumenfeld on his experience with ACT UP, and why we must continue to fight the good fight.

The Death of Jekyll & Hyde


Riffing on a familiar narrative, Steven Cordova presents a narrative of disease and duality which is both achingly beautiful and oddly sweet.

Outgrowing Texas: A Gay Adolescence in the Lone Star State

rainbow flag

When people ask me how I survived growing up in Texas, I always admit that it sucked, but that I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. I’m proud of growing up there, and for out-growing it as well.

Homelessness is a Major LGBT Issue


As a new report from the Center for American Progress details, LGBT people, especially LGBT youth, are at a far greater risk not only of winding up homeless, but being abused on the streets as well.

“I Will Hold Your Hand the Whole Way.”

and a child shall lead them photo by galgano

“And a child shall lead them.” The Rev. Dr. Neil O’Farrell shares a nativity story to beat the rush.

UN Celebrates ‘Dramatic Progress’ in Global Fight Against AIDS


The international organization credited the “dramatic progress” in combating the disease to the steadily expanding access to treatment.

Arkansas Public School Bans Three Students for Possibly Being HIV-Positive


Despite significant medical advances that help HIV-positive Americans live increasingly longer and healthier lives, many people still have widespread misconceptions about how the virus is actually spread.

HIV Vaccine Passes First Round of Trials


A new drug out of Canada may offer some hope against the deadly virus.

The Social Impact of Argument Art


A call for all artists to embrace the philosophy of bare knuckle warrior poetics.

The Reluctant Intactivist

Kenny Shults Reluctant Inactivist

Kenny Neal Shults wants to take “An un-serious look at a the serious subject of why we circumcise our kids with two short comic films that poke fun at American secular circumcision.”

Bono Talks About the Good News on Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News)


Bono says, “What are the blind spots of our age? It might be something as simple as our deep-down refusal to believe that every human life has equal worth”

Ex-Gay Advocate Group PFOX Claims Conversion Therapy Would Save Gay Men From AIDS

Conversion Therapy_GMP (588x379)

Christopher Doyle and his ex-gay advocacy group PFOX insist conversion therapy would help “save gay men from AIDS and suicide.”

AMA Votes to End Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood

gay, blood donations, outdated science

For 30 years, gay men have been prohibited from donating blood; the AMA has decided that it is time for that to change.