Why Patients with HIV are Giving Up Before They Even Start Treatment

HIV ‘test and treat’ strategy can save lives – but it needs to be easier for patients to start treatment.

Long-Term AIDS Survivor and Good Men Project Contributor passes away.

Robert Levithan made a mark in the Arts and Entertainment world.

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy of Poverty and Death

How a President’s legacy will forever be tainted by his lethal beliefs.

AIDS: How Far the World has Come and How Far it Needs to go to Get to Zero

Foundation essay: Our foundation essays are longer than usual and take a wider look at key issues affecting society.

TV Guide

A 1960s queer boy finds solace in television in Jim Elledge’s poem.

Coming Late to the Party: When Men Come Out Later in Life

Anthony Carter explores the personal costs and gains for gay men who wait until they are older to “come out.”

Macaroni N Cheese

Sometimes, the secrets we take to our grave are ones we should have shared.

The Truth About Charlie Sheen and His HIV Status

There are a lot of rumors. Alex Temblador breaks down what is real about Charlie and his HIV status.

How Mr. Belvedere Taught Me About AIDS

Dwight Hurst follows up on World AIDS Day with a #TBT to that time Mr. Belvedere clued him on the mysterious world of HIV.

The Shamefull Presidency of Ronald Reagan: When They Thought AIDS Was Funny

A new short video demonstrates what a travesty the Reagan Administration was in terms of dealing with the AIDS Crisis. As victims died — they laughed.

How Rock Hudson’s Death Changed the Perception of AIDS

It was unthinkable, but true, that a beloved movie idol could also be a gay man with AIDS.

Why Men who have Sex with Men have Problems with Health Care in Africa

How social stigma is preventing equal access to health care.

Are You Judging Charlie Sheen Because He Has HIV?

John Glass looks for the important lessons behind Charlie Sheen’s disclosure that he is HIV-positive.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

One grunge rock anthem reveals the connections and disconnections between two brothers.

Making Gay Business the Frontline in the Fight Against HIV

We can continue to remove the stigma around HIV/AIDS by bringing the conversation to the people.