Who Do You Think Of When Your Flight Hits Heavy Turbulence?


Last week, Jordan Gray thought he was going to die in a plane crash. This is what went through his mind.

‘It’ll Go Right Across the Lawn If You Fly It Right’

dad airplane

A dad gives his son a quick lesson in aerodynamics they won’t likely forget.

A Baby Cries On a Plane, Do You Judge the Parents Differently Based On Gender?

baby crying

“I was stunned to see women around me fall all over themselves to ‘help’ this ‘poor dad’ manage the baby.”

Proof That Men Can Dance Too. When We Want To …

GMP bits safety dance

Michael Kasdan found the let-it-all-hang-out joy of this video contagious, and was dancing in his chair. You will too. So dance like nobody’s watching. Or, you know, everybody.

OMG: This Freerunning Video WILL Make Your Jaw Drop (Video)

the takeover

40 freerunners from 15 countries, one airplane graveyard. Ready, set, GO.

Thank You, Kareem


Liam Day remembers why he admired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so much when he was growing up.

Office Plant Dying


With life wilting around me, I dream of escape.

Frequent Fliers


“Folks, this is your captain. Kindly take your seats. I illuminated that fasten seat-belt sign. In a few minutes, me and my girl will be shaking us out some rough old turbulence.” By Matthew Pitt

The Joys of Flight

photo by spullara

Patrick Quinn gives a few tips to those stuck in the nightmare scenario that is traveling with small children.

From Very High Up

photo by raucousrage

Ed Bull goes skydiving and lives to tell the tale.

The 10 at 10


Bert and Ernie could get married, London looks like Rodney King, and Americans choose cell phones over sex.

I love the 80’s

…but the 80’s didn’t love me.     I was born smack in the middle of the 1960’s and graduated high school in 1984.  If you’re trying to do the math, that makes me kinda old-ish. Usually I act younger than my actual age, though recently I must admit that I’ve been acting like a […]

68-Year-Old Idaho Man Hits 15-Year-Old Rule Breaker


Too bad everyone else shut off their electronics and didn’t record it. Guess they didn’t want to test him.

Oh, My Nuts!!

Picture 6

With his big, bucktoothed smile, he grabbed his crotch and yelled out in hysterics, “My nuts!! Oh, my nuts!!”

Date night

The bottom line is that just spending time with her is all I really need…   First off, big thanks to Genuine for opening up his personal wallet and throwing a hunski down on the table.  Ben Franklin is always a welcome chaperone on a date and in these economic times his presence is all […]