How The Denali Fight Explains The Presidency

The recent fight over changing Mt. McKinley’s name back to Denali shows how Presidents tend to polarize issues.

Obama’s Executive Order Protects Bristol Bay from Drilling, but not Mining

There’s a very large element missing from the executive order… The Pebble Mine.

Who Wants to Get Something Done in DC? Anyone?

Getting anything done in Washington seems impossible. Up to us to demand work and results from our representatives, which will only get done with cooperation.

Is Death With Dignity The Same As Suicide?

A therapist and family caregiver ponders the implications of being able to choose the manner of our life, and death.

Return to the Wild: The Death of Chris McCandless 22 Years Later

Trying to imitate Chris McCandless’ life doesn’t mean you have to follow him to his death.

It’s the Ice, Stupid: The Art and Science of Climate Change

The issue of climate change is so large it can be lost to abstractions. Ice may be the key we need to regain our perspective on reality.

Searching for the Copper Salmon of O’Brian Creek

An Alaskan side road takes Dan Szczesny to a local, and secret, fishing hotspot where the fish swim right into nets.

Some Final Musings About the Last Frontier

As Dan Szczesny says good-bye to Alaska, he remembers the vast land with the small details that make it unlike anyplace else on earth.

Putting Alaska Behind Us: The End of the Line in Valdez

Dan Szczesny reaches Prince William Sound, and finds much more than oil at the end of the line in Valdez.

Searching for a Good, Stiff Breeze in Denali National Park

Deep inside the glorious Denali National Park, Dan Szczesny and his wife have to run from predators—but probably not the sort they expected.

Touching an Ice Age on the Road to Valdez

Dan Szczesny continues his Alaskan search for discovery by hiking into a glacier.

Alaskan Dad Battles Bear to Save Family

This week’s Manly Man Award goes a guy who’s not afraid to fight when he has to.

Shooting Incredible Hulk Teaches Daughter How to Get What You Want

Writer Megan Stielstra reflects on hunting with her father and how the hunt led to love

On the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Looking back upon what we could have learned from 9/11, Greg Olear sees only opportunists of many stripes using the events to further their agendas.

Shark Week: Close Encounters With Jeff Kurr

Discovery Channel Shark Week producer and shark expert Jeff Kurr has more advice for finding—and avoiding—close encounters of the shark kind on your summer vacation.

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Road Trip: Tips for Making Lifetime Memories

Jay Palter takes his 9 year olds on a summer road trip the whole family will appreciate now and remember, always.