A Scotch A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

the glenlivet

Al DeLuise on why he started drinking scotch for health reasons.

Behind the Scenes With Good Fraternity Men Gathered in New Orleans

new orleans, mardi gras

In the headlines are the poor choices young fraternity men make in regards to alcohol overconsumption, misogynistic treatment of women, and degrading practices for new members. Behind the scenes are the men (and women) proactively working to eradicate those headlines.

Lifestyle Diseases Make Global Health Promotion More Difficult Than Ever


Top health risks include cigarettes, booze and being overweight. But who has the power to deal with this very 21st-century problem?



This weekend, we have the story of two couples, and what it takes to survive a marriage on top of all that life throws at us.

Forgiveness Requires Humility

Lost highway photo by flickrfy

Barry Adkins has taken a long road to find forgiveness. But he refuses to be collateral damage in an endless cycle of grief and hate.

10 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen


This week, my daughter turned 10, and two things occurred to me. The first was how the heck do I have a 10-year-old.

Going On A Bender By Gender


Would it surprise anyone to know that men are more likely than women to drink to excess?

The Most Uncool Thing I’ve Ever Written About Drinking

This beer makes my head feel so tiny!

With the trend of the lethal drinking game “Neknominations” becoming mainstream, Amy White wants to reach out to kids with her story … and doesn’t care how uncool you think it is.

Poetry Book Review: Brock Guthrie’s “Contemplative Man”


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus reviews Brock Guthrie’s forthcoming debut poetry book Contemplative Man, a “blunt and evocative” offering from Sibling Rivalry Press.

New Year’s Eve, 1979

New Year 1980

December 1979 was a strange time to be a 12 year old boy.

86′d — A Cautionary Tale


Ever been kicked out of a bar? Jarad Dewing has, and he wants to hear your stories as well.

Have Yourself A Tacky Christmas: Booze!

Booze detail

Tell your friends and family “I didn’t know what to get you and you drink too much.”

Report Urges Ban on Detaining Youth Status Offenders


They’re known as status offenders – youths who commit offenses that wouldn’t even be considered offenses but for their age: truancy, running away from home, curfew violations, alcohol or tobacco possession.

I’ll Have a Virgin Martini, Please

No booze, thanks.

During the holidays, JJ Vincent finds it even harder to be a non-drinker is a boozy world.

15 Signs You May be Hitting the Bottle too Hard

drinking skills-by FunGi_ (Trading)-flickr

Danny Baker gives a list of warning signs that may indicate your drinking is moving into a dangerous realm.

Weight Loss and the FAT Industrial Complex: How to Fight Back and Eat Well


The processed food, alcohol, and tobacco companies are making billions of dollars of the death of the millions. The fight against these industries is simple, but far from easy, Jed Diamond, PhD, explains.