Self-Growth: How To Put Your Relationship At Risk

Can your relationship survive the personal growth experience? Steven Lake examines how personal development can put your relationship in jeopardy.

Answering the Call

Laurie Kolp paints a portrait of a hard living man and the nature of inevitability.

1,000 Days of Freedom: How I Stopped Drinking and Started Living

Three years ago Terry Lancaster decided to take a break from drinking. It was supposed to be temporary, but he’s never looked back.

Parents, Let’s Get In More Play This Summer

What I have that is so different from my father, is a clear and loving relationship with both my daughter and my son.
They KNOW how much I love them.

I Lost My Brother To Alcoholism, And I Am An Alcoholic Too

Dana Bowman deals with the death of her brother while simultaneously admitting to her own struggles.

Addiction and Recovery are a Crap Shoot

One alcoholic can rise above addiction while his friend continues to stumble through recovery.

Dear John: Bad Dad Wants Back Into Their Lives

A father who left wants back into his daughters’ lives, a once violent boyfriend when he drank, and a foul-mouthed, angry little league father.

“People tend to have more success replacing harmful drugs with less harmful drugs than avoiding them all together cold turkey.”

If you’ve ever been addicted to something, were you able to break the addiction completely? Or did you end up just changing the object of your addiction?

“I go to AA to hear other’s experience, strength, ideas and to share my own.”

If you are a teetotaler, what things have helped you stay sober? If you aren’t a teetotaler, what helps you say in control of your drinking habits?

Unfinished Symphony: A Memoir Excerpt

A daughter recalls her father’s ragged oaths, then the gentle, intelligent voice letters penned from the other side of the world.

Where You Came From

These things don’t always work, says Mother. Where do you think your sister came from?

What is an Addict?

A new broader D.S.M. definition stirs up anger and relief in equal measure.