The 12 Steps of Taking Ourselves a Little Less Seriously

Recovering a sense of humor may be just the change we need.

My Miserable Christmas Visitor

He wasn’t asking for a handout or a blessing, just “a few kind words.” Perhaps he was on his own journey of faith.

What I Gained by Giving Up Social Drinking

Matt Shumate took a 30-day break from alcohol—and he’s still not drinking. Here’s why.

The Benevolent Paradox Of Mutuality

Jonathan Delavan brings to mind the paradoxical concept of mutuality and its beneficial effects within relationships.

5 Ways You Cheat Without Even Realizing It

You know you’re being a little sneaky, but isn’t it just innocent fun? James M. Sama explains why not.

You Can Bet On It—Biggest Gambling Weekend of the Year

The Super Bowl is the most watched event of the year—and the most gambled…Tor Constantino breaks down the risks and our nation’s gambling problem.

Choices and Consequences – How I Survived Alcohol and Suicide

From drinking to get through life, to taking pills because he wanted to die, to accepting that living was a choice he was capable of making.

The Road to Self-Respect

Tim Lineaweaver shares his experience of his rough road to recovery, sobriety, and subsequent self-respect.

Psychotherapist Examines Links Between Child Abuse and Alcoholism

Addiction counselor Rayne E. Golay shares tips for those who suspect they may have a drinking problem.

Culture’s Effect on Victims

A story of child labor, sex slavery and those times when culture slaps you in the face.

A Child of Alcoholics Finds Serenity

Aaron Brinker changes a family tradition of silence around alcohol abuse, by telling the story of how he also became an alcoholic.

“I go to AA to hear other’s experience, strength, ideas and to share my own.”

If you are a teetotaler, what things have helped you stay sober? If you aren’t a teetotaler, what helps you say in control of your drinking habits?

Reimagining Mentorship

The building blocks of society are its adult citizens. What kind of society do we want to build?

How to Deal with a Partner who Has an Addiction

Addiction shatters relationships all the time—and the only way to put them back together is by being there, giving time, and staying positive.

The Doctor who Went to Heaven

Did Jesus and Einstein describe the same universe? A neurosurgeon undergoes a near-death experience and emerges a believer.

Losing My Religion, Gaining Spirituality

Brandon Ferdig’s story of getting sober, finding “god”, and relating with his religious family.