A Father’s Badge and a Daughter’s Eyes–and the Views In-Between Lives

She treasures her father despite his character faults.

Sobriety Didn’t Save Him or Their Marriage

With his sobriety came acceptance, healing, and forgivenes—but still a divorce.

Should Alcohol Limits for Men and Women Really be the Same?

Bob Patton explores net guidelines for alcohol consumption. It is the one area where he thinks “equality” is NOT appropriate. Here is why.

Son, Don’t Do as I Drink (and Other Lessons My Father Unintentionally Taught Me)

As a parent, for good or ill, you have to cast your own image.

When a Man Needs to Quit Drinking, is Complete Demoralization the Only Answer to Recovery?

Many people seem to have it all on the outside, but a raging disease of addiction on the inside. Rob Watson suggests there may be more holistic options for them to grab hold of the seriousness of their disease than there used to be.

What Alcohol May be Costing Your Relationship

And the worst possible time to “figure out” the root cause of your problem drinking is…

I Didn’t Get Sober Just to Write about Recovery

Our lives—and all the beauty in them—demand that we get and stay sober.

Addiction Made Him the Villain—Her Love Made Him King

Sometimes we just refuse to see the truth about those we love the most.

The Famous Guy I Always Wished Was My Dad: John Wayne

But it turns out that the man she idolized on TV didn’t always measure up to her fantasy, and opened her eyes about her own dad.

Torture on a Pirate Ship

Can there be bliss without the pain?

Sex, and Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Version 2.0

What I learned from my mom and dad about alcohol. 1. My dad was a full-blown alcoholic. 2. My mom rebelled against that alcoholism. 3. They divorced when I was 6 and my dad drank himself to death.

Santa Claus And One Man’s Personal Resurrection

Christopher MacNeil tells the story of his personal fall and ultimate rise and reconciliation.

The Dark Side Of Drinking And The Holidays

When we look at the hard facts and the reality of what people face in the holidays, we naturally come to the conclusion that alcohol and drug abuse in December represents a set of coping skills gone horribly wrong.

The Feared Moral Inventory Of 12-Step Recovery

“Therefore, we started upon a personal inventory. This was Step Four.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, 3rd Edition, Ch. 5 (“How It Works”), pp 64-5.

Why I’m Honest With My 9-Year-Old Son About Being an Addict

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel is a wife, mom, and businesswoman. She is also an addict. And she talks about her addiction with her son. Why? Because she doesn’t know how not to.

Chronic Depression Does not Have to Define and Control Us

We’ve got more power than we think when it comes to handling depression.