Addiction and Recovery are a Crap Shoot

Addiction and recovery a crap shoot  VegaTeam:Flickr

One alcoholic can rise above addiction while his friend continues to stumble through recovery.

An Underaged Teen Asked a Homeless Man to Buy Him Beer. And Learned the Lesson of a Lifetime.

broken bottles

“Broken Bottles” performed by Ben Grenrock.

Anger and the Superior Man – Is it about Gender or Personal Inadequacy?


Graham Phoenix looks at the anger surrounding the recent shooting in the US, and explains how it all relates to an expression of personal inadequacy.

The Therapist I Met on My Way Up from Bottom

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Tim Lineaweaver was a twenty-seven year alcoholic, drug-addled young man with PTSD and a dismal hope for a meaningful future. Then he met a therapist named Elaine.

Yet Another Set of Confessions of an Alcoholic

Photo: Carbon NYC

Larry Siskin knows there are two kinds of alcoholics…and that’s not the start of a bad joke.

One Drink: A Poem About Battling The Bottle


Keith Manning shares the daily struggles facing a man with a drinking problem.

Addiction, Genetics, and My Father’s Hands


Seeing his father in himself reminds Brian Shea of the things he’d rather not inherit.

The Man Box: The Link Between Emotional Suppression and Male Violence

man box photo by gingerpig2000

Mark Greene explores the Man Box, and how it leads to policing of behavior that dares to fall outside the boundaries of traditional masculinity.

A Long-Cast Shadow: The Son Laments, the Father Learns


As the son of an abusive, alcoholic father, Tim Lineaweaver had to learn how to pick up the pieces of his life and become a better man and dad for his children.

15 Signs You May be Hitting the Bottle too Hard

drinking skills-by FunGi_ (Trading)-flickr

Danny Baker gives a list of warning signs that may indicate your drinking is moving into a dangerous realm.

Song Beneath the Songs: “Hey Jealousy” by The Gin Blossoms


Greg Olear on the Gin Blossoms’ troubled genius.

Why Didn’t I Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship? I Didn’t Know It Was Abusive.

eyes shut photo by jancissmells

It was only after David L left his relationship of thirteen years that he realized he had been emotionally abused during that time.

Incredible Time Lapse Video Shows How Dignity and Respect Can Change a Man

Transformation of a Veteran

There are 60,000 homeless veterans in America. It’s a solvable problem. Here is a way to start.

On Making Amends and Finding Gratitude

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There are many paths to gratitude. Matt Clapper’s led him through a series of amends, and he is the better for it.

When Parents are Branded as Bad


Law Professor Tamar Birckhead on the unintended consequences of a system meant to protect children.

Life Lessons From My Alcoholic Boss

oppenhiemer work alcoholic

Mark Oppenheimer quit the best job of his young life because his new boss was a drunk.

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