‘Concussion’ A Film that Exposes a Shocking Truth

One doctor risked everything to make the NFL admit an unbelievable truth In history there have been plenty of stories that are hard to believe but they really happened. Some of these stories have been made into films like The Theory of Everything which tells the story of Stephen Hawking, Jobs which is about the life […]

A New Threat Befalls the Team in ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’

  New enemy, big explosions and plenty of action but little that will excite moviegoers this summer The original Mission Impossible movie came out in 1996 and was a smash hit. These films were of course based on the TV series that aired in the 1960s and early 1970s. The film was full of action, suspense […]

Alec Baldwin Leaves MSNBC

Actor’s recent homophobic comments cited as cause.

Intent vs Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter

When you’ve hurt someone, whether you meant to or not, what matters is how you repair the situation.

OCD Threatened My Life at 60 MPH

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a misunderstood, debilitating, and sometimes dangerous condition shared by millions around the world.

We Do Not Know What You Mean Unless You Say I

Colin Berry invites famous and unfamous men alike to own what they say, and for all of us to reap the benefits.

BREAKING NEWS: Alec Baldwin Cleared of Racism Charge By Audio Tape

The speed with which people attacked Baldwin as a bigot is alarming and tragic. The man deserves an apology.

Enchanted by Youth: Why Older Men Love Younger Women

Dr. Adam Sheck examines the ways in which the midlife period for men is often a trap that feeds into the need to feel vital and powerful.

Capital One Bowl Week: 18 Things I Learned

Or, eighteen of the things I learned while watching Capital One’s Bowl Week on ESPN over the holidays.

Confession Time: I Called a Phone Psychic

Jamie Reidy undergoes a psychic reading on the phone and writes about it—as predicted.

Acts of Kindness After the Devastation of Sandy

In times of distress, some people rise to the occasion and give of themselves. Here are some great examples.

This Town Needs a New Sheriff

Jeff Cohen defies you to find him a comic figure in the movies today who you’d be proud to share with your young son.

Culture: @GwynethPaltrow, @KanyeWest, @JayZ & Who’s Responsible For The N-Word

… sure, things would change if we really wanted them to …

Keep the Rug: an Appreciation of Male Body Hair

Paula Russel makes a strong case for the appeal of a natural, hirsute hunk.

Ripped Apart

Divorced dads, domestic violence, and the systemic bias against men in King County family court.

The World Needs More Teds Than Barneys

Mark Radcliffe laments that the guy who’s a great catch in the long run doesn’t always make the best first impression.