What Piece of Outdated Technology Do You Miss the Most?


As technology moves at a pace we’ve never experienced before, it’s becoming much easier to understand the impulse to scorn progress.

Would You Get Married If You Lived In a Country Where Divorce Was Illegal?


Would the words, “I do” slip as easily from your lips if “until death do I part” came with a binding “no-backsies” clause?

What’s the Longest You’ve Ever Worn The Same Piece of Clothing?


I wore one T-shirt so often one summer that my mom deliberately soaked it in bleach so long it started to fall apart as I ran around. I wore it for another week after that.

Basic Math or Written Grammar: Which One Are You Willing to Give Up First?


And, yes, you’re free to use smartphone apps or whatever to get by in the new world you live in.

What’s Something You Love That Everyone Else Seems to Hate?


Turns out I LOVE things that taste like the colour yellow. See also: Banana Runts and Green Apple Skittles.

What If It Turned Out You Were Just a Brain in a Jar?


Yes, it’s almost just like The Matrix.

What Are (or Would Be) Your Dating Site Age Limits?


Age is just a number, but numbers are also an important part of math and you can’t do the math if the numbers don’t add up.

Who’s Your Favourite Batman Foe?


They can be from any iteration of the character–TV, movies, animation, comics, Hostess fruit pie ads, whatever you want.

Do We Want Video Games To Be Art?


For me, art is something that happens mostly by accident–out of the joy that comes from creation. The thrill is in the doing rather than the final product.

Who’s Your Favourite Real-Life Scoundrel?


A scoundrel–for the context of this post–is someone who flouts society’s conventions (often for their own gain) but who stops short of actually hurting people in the process.

What’s Your Favourite Music Mystery?


Many of the best songs ever written beg questions that might never be answered.

What’s Your Least Favourite Negative Word?


I can justify my hatred for “cheesy” in two tweets.

Always Early or Always Late? Which One Would You Choose?


For the rest of your life you will never be able to arrive on time for ANY appointment. But before the curse starts you have to make a choice.

What’s Something You Completely Changed Your Mind About?


I used to make a very strong point of never using emoticons in my online communications. :)

What’s Your Favourite New TV Show?


I’m not a Whovian, so this is my first real exposure to Karen Gillan and I AM CHARMED AS CHARMED CAN BE.

Who Do You Most Identify With: WKRP IN CINCINNATI Edition


And for bonus points you can also name the person from NewsRadio you think you’re most like.