What Current Day Flops Do You Think Are Going To Become Future Classics?


I could be wrong, but that’s the fun part of culture–you never know what will stay with us or what will fade away.

What’s Your Favourite Cheesy-But-Awesome 80s Movie?


As you’ve already guessed because the poster is right there at the top of this post, my pick is The Legend of Billie Jean.

Will There Ever Be Another James Garner?


James Garner became an icon because he was incredibly gifted at being the most entertaining version of himself onscreen, which is a skill surprisingly few of us will ever possess.

When Was the Last Time You Danced?


At some point something triggered my “I don’t give a F” button and all bets have been off ever since.

What’s the Most BORING Dream You’ve Ever Had?


We tend to think of our dreams as these wild flights of fancy–our subconscious run amok and without a filter. But the truth is a lot of our dreams are really freaking boring.

What’s the Strangest Food You’ve Ever Eaten?

pho tendon

For some folks a “strange” food can be a steak cooked in a way they’re not used to, while for others anything less than the still beating heart of a freshly killed cobra elicits a big yawn.

Who’s Your Favourite Fictional Couple?


I can think of a long list of partnerships that have moved and entertained me over the years, but if I had to pick the one I most want to someday emulate I would have to go with Emily & Bob Hartley.

What Is Your Idea Of Happiness?


What are the things you think of? What are the songs you sing? What are your special symbols of happiness?

Not a Robot: Confessions of a Man Who Cries

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 11.03.14 AM

Allan Mott is a big crybaby. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The First Date Deal Breaker Files Part Four: Pig Sty


“I’m not what you would call a neat freak,” they laugh as you step on something that makes a distinct SQUISH.

Happy Dreams or Happy Reality–Which Would You Choose?


1/3 of the rest of your life will be spent either in nightmare or fantasy, but the choice isn’t as easy as it would seem.

What Are Your Literary Guilty Pleasures?


I own and have read a lot of these books, some of which I have no problem displaying on my bookshelves, while others I keep hidden away from judgmental eyes.

World’s Greatest Pizza or World’s Greatest Masterpiece?


A lawyer tells you that a distant, eccentric billionaire relative has named you in his will. Sadly, you are to get none of his fortune, but are instead given a strange choice.

What Do You Do When the Internet Makes You Cranky?


Baring the obvious (that means you person who just read the headline and is now typing, “Don’t go online, duh”) what do you do when the Internet seems a little more upsetting than usual?

Should I Get This Wonder Woman Symbol Tattooed On My Arm?

tatoo anyone ww_by_chaomanceromega-d58djbn

I’ve loved Wonder Woman since I first saw Lynda Carter in her satin tights on TV. That’s more than three decades of commitment–surely I could handle three to five more?

What Would You Do If the Fake Online You Was Better Than the Real Online You?


Someone has stolen your online identity. You’re horrified, until you realize that whoever this person is, they are a better version of you than you are.