Winners or Losers–Which Team Would You Cheer For?


We’ll call the first team The Noble Efforts, but I can’t tell you the name of the second team, because it is a derogatory term for an oppressed group of people.

What Would Be Your Worst Possible Karmic Fate?


If “karmic fate” sounds too woo-woo for you, then think of it as dramatic justice instead.

Mad Men or Game of Thrones–Which World Would You Rather Live In?


I’m picking the one where I can still see movies.

Best Video Game of All TIme?


Any platform, any era. Which video game will always be the one you love the most?

Spam or Spam: YOU MUST CHOOSE!!!!!!


From tomorrow onward you face one of two potential nightmare situations.

What Important Parts of Your Childhood Do You Want to Share With the Children in Your Life?


“You said, “I don’t like this.” And when I asked you why, you answered, “Because I’ve never seen it before.””

What’s Your Favorite Board Game?


Is it an old classic? A TV adaptation? The ultimate party game? Or something only hardcore gamers ever talk about?

The First Date Deal Breaker Files Part Six: The Greatest President?


There you see right above the couch a large framed portrait of the 40th president of the United States.

Do You Seek Out Terrible News Videos?


I remember when video surfaced of Nega Agha-Soltan dying from a gunshot wound during the 2009 Iranian election protests. The sight of a screen-cap taken from it was enough to affect me for days.

Do You Think Being Cynical Actually Helps?


In my mid-20s I decided to give up cynicism cold turkey.

Would You Be Any Different Now If You Had Been Born Another Gender?


I like to think I would still be creative, that I would still be funny and that I would still love to cook.

Should Police Forces Have Term Limits?


What if it was the kind of job where the best and brightest in every community could apply, be trained, serve their term and then be given a full-ride scholarship to a local university?

What’s Life Like as an Author? A Roundtable Discussion


Alexa Kocinski shares a series of questions and answers with three different authors.

What Do You Do to Escape From the World’s Problems?


I cook.

My Life as a Reluctant Loan Shark


It may have been legal, but it clearly wasn’t right.

What’s Your Favourite Robin Williams Performance?


All of us have our favourite–the one that we will always remember.