The Good Men Leave Behind

On the first day of her first job, Sandi Marx met her boss, Stephen. He left an impression that remains more than 30 years later.

Henry Rollins Gets in Your Face About Marriage Equality

He’s a loud, opinionated, in-your-face punk rocker. He’s also a hardcore champion for gay rights.

When You Say No to LGBT Rights, You’re Saying Yes to This

People think that equal treatment and equal protection are not important. They might want to reconsider.

Empathy Leads to Understanding

Understanding is not a prerequisite for empathy. Empathy is a prerequisite for understanding.

The Language of Dude Feminism

Again, this isn’t to say that these campaigns haven’t done good, but rather, that they should go farther.

Experiencing a Parallel Transition From Inside the Closet

Jason Rozek’s partner is a woman, and he’s found himself in a curiously familiar place.

When You’re an Ally Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sam Killerman wrestles with the question of what to do when the people who you ally with throw sticks, and the people who hate them throw stones. Except those sticks and stones are words.