10 Ways to Make it Through Your Son’s Teen Years…Without Killing Each Other

sorry about.d at 15

Either he’ll never leave the house or he’ll never be home. Whichever it is, you’ll wish it was the other. Savor the time he’s there instead of lamenting the time he isn’t.

Alone, Not Lonely: 5 Reasons I’d Rather Know Me Than Get To Know You


Being alone is actually quite empowering to the structure of the self.

It’s Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Doesn’t Understand You


Being with someone shouldn’t make you feel more alone.

Why I’m Not Looking for Love

Why Im Not by slalit

Cabot O’Callaghan is open to love—he’s just not chasing it. And that makes him happy. ___ Well, those who speak know nothin’ And find out to their cost Like those who curse their luck in too many places And those who fear are lost —Sting, Shape Of My Heart ___ I’m in a good space […]

When a Relationship is Lonelier Than Being Alone

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Emotional withdrawal can be a confusing and painful situation to deal with in a relationship.

“Don’t let extraverts dictate normality. Alone does not need fixing”


Leave Me Alone, I’m Not Lonely

“I’d like to thank my wife, she’s the only one who’d have me”


East Come, Easy Go: Why Men Should Stop Settling For Less Than They Deserve

The Fear of Being Alone


Why being alone can be the best thing for you.

A Dude Walks Into a Bar Alone

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Dillan DiGiovanni ate alone in a bar during March Madness and lived to tell about it.

A Soulful Antidote to Feeling Alone


Jacob Max Winkler spins a mystic’s prayer celebrating divine mystery.

How to Not Be Alone – Have Man Friends

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We’ve found that men directly influence each other by the gift or denial of respect.

My Father is a Dreamer, and So Am I

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Jaime Zepeda’s father never stopped dreaming, and his son is thankful for that and inspired.

4 Easy Ways to Reset Yourself After Stress.

dealing with stress photo by Naypong

Let’s face it. Stress hits when we least expect it, and unfortunately, regardless of how well we manage a stressful situation, there’s going to be emotional and physical fall out afterwards.

Flying Solo

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Pat Brothwell learns to do things by himself. And realizes that himself alone is not such bad company after all.

“Separating children from marriage? Sure, we do it, and perhaps we must.”


Olive thinks that we should separate childbearing from marriage entirely because part of the reason why so many people get pressured into marriage when they aren’t ready is so they don’t “run out of time” to have kids. D.A. Wolf agrees, but with one caveat…

“I’ve always felt like an extreme minority as a Highly Sensitive Man.”


These are comments by Matthew, Frank, Jeff Roth on the post “I Am a Highly Sensitive Man”.