Happily Ever After… With Your Ex?


Alyssa Royse, whose husband and ex-husband are good friends, explains how to continue caring for a partner that you’re no longer in love with.

Dads Aren’t Dumb, But Jokes About Dumb Dads Are.


Alyssa Royse thinks it would be a smart idea to stop making so many jokes about how stupid dads are.

100 Words on Love: Testing Your Love Against Heartbreak


Intensity of fighting and making up is the shadow by which you guess the size of the thing.

Stop Saying That You’re A Great Lover

Photo: Flickr / brotherM

The title of “Great Lover” is one you earn, not one you claim for yourself. And it can take work. Very fun work.

My Gay Dad, My Queer Family, Happily Ever After

alyssa and dad gallery

The only hardships of growing up with a gay dad came from society, not from my wonderfully queer home.

Reddit, Answered It: Long Distance Love Drama

Photo: Flickr / Hajime Nakano

Sometimes, you have to let go of a relationship that isn’t working in order to make a life that does.

Mustache-A-Day: Alyssa Royse

Photo of Alyssa Royse taken by Ed Shively.

Alyssa Royse loves a good ‘stache, creative gender expression, and the prostated population.

A Month of Thankfulness: My Dysfunctional and Broken Life

Bowl and photo by Dick Lehman

Alyssa Royse is thankful for a dysfunctional childhood and an adulthood filled with crisis, because it made her who she is.

Birds, Bees & Chicken Seeds

birds bees chickens

Time for the sex talk? Take a minute and learn from Alyssa Royse’s mistakes.

F*#k The Tatas, Save The Woman

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Alyssa Royse thanks you for loving breasts, but when it comes to breast cancer, she wants the attention where it’s really needed.

The 10 Absolute Truths Behind What Real Women Want


What do Real Women want? Let us tell you.

Can Pornography Be Good for Your Relationship?

kis shadow

Alyssa Royse offers a quick primer on porn as a sexual aid to spice up your relationship.

Baby, Can I Drive Your Car?


Alyssa Royse fell in love with her husband because of his beat up 30 year-old Subaru, not despite it.

The Health Benefits of Sex

kissing in France

Alyssa Royse outlines seven unexpected health benefits from having sex.

For The Love of Men – A New Editorial Section at GMP

We're all connected

A team of women are launching a new section at The Good Men Project focusing on women supporting men and the issues surrounding masculinity.

Fight Fire With Tears

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 7.51.25 AM

Alyssa Royse, whose husband is a firefighter who used to be on a Hot Shot crew, grieves the loss of 19 firefighters in a deadly Arizona wild fire.