If You Want to Change Someone’s Attitude, Start With Your Own

Offering encouragement in a discouraging world can be a revolutionary act. If you want to change someone’s attitude, start with your own.

5 Things I Learned Living With a Navy SEAL

“When you think you’re done, you’re only 40% done. If you can train yourself to get past that initial warning of ‘I’m done’ from your brain, then you probably have 60% more in you.”

Are Women Really Less Ambitious Than Men?

Sue Nador hates to agree with Fox News, but she finds common ground on what’s holding women back in the workplace.

Online Dating? That First Message a Guy Sends is Everything

Jen Doan has a step-by-step guide for guys on how to turn your first message into a first date.

7 Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Realise Their Potential

Let’s face it, as a leader most people are going to think that you have got your sh*t sorted.

Reality (TV) Bites

Fashion blogger Tillie Adelson of MyStilettoLife learns firsthand about the dishonest side of reality TV auditions.

Dating Profile Must-Haves for the Discerning Gentlemen

Jen Doan says that these six tips will improve your online dating game ten-fold.

Your Significant Other Is Not A Crutch For Your Growth

Jordan Gray says that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t outsource your growth to your partner.

Coming to Poetry, Age 58

In this brief essay, poet Philip Clark shows us how poetry can enter our lives at any point, while at the same time challenging the assumption that success belongs primarily to the young.

Robin Williams Inspired Me To Teach

On the death of a great artist.

The Camel in the Living Room: Christianity & Capitalism

It is a commonly held belief that, some 2,000 years ago, a book, in complete form—edited with annotations—fell from the heavens.

Are Fathers As Free to Leave Their Careers As Moms?

Are men more vulnerable to burn out and career dissatisfaction without a biological imperative to slow down and reassess?

A Humorist’s Three Rules For a Happy Marriage

Goodness knows, we need guidance. Mark Sherman is happy to oblige.

Boys and Young Men: A New Cause for Liberals

Mark Sherman feels it’s vital for his fellow liberals to pay attention to the needs of boys and young men the way they’ve long done for girls and young women.

A Moment

From the moment his son was born, the kind of father Steve Marsh wanted to be, began to change.

Yellowface in CLOUD ATLAS

Yellowface in the new Cloud Atlas movie? Hollywood is getting out of control, forgetting the reality of racism in its mixed-up pursuit of ambition. Shame on the movie business. Last night, I found out that the new Cloud Atlas movie will be sporting several actors in yellowface–that is, white actors made up to look Asian. You can […]