Affluenza: Plagued With the Complexion for the Protection


Those who are afflicted by it show no sense of urgency to be cured.

Comparison Fail: Enslaved American Child vs. Enslaved Thai Child

fail fin

A recent photo-gone-viral (and the comments it generated) shows we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding slavery and the needs of children.

The Niggification of America

Black Body (1)

More than 50 years after the death of Emmit Till, Reuben Jones says blacks men and boys are safer in Afghanistan than on the streets of America.

Why Racial Blowback is The New Racism


The author shares his disturbing observations on race relations in 2014.

We’re #1! Or At Least That’s What We Tell Our Children

Pic for We're _1

Is America really the greatest country in the world or are we hurting future generations by promoting this sort of nationalistic attitude in our children?

Breaking Dad: Relating to Walter White

breaking, bad, dad, ron, mattocks

The character of Walter White did what he did for the survival of his family. Ron Mattocks wonders what lengths he must go to.

Black Friday Brings Out the Worst in Human Beings


Nathan Graziano was just coming around to believe in the altruistic and kind nature of humanity during the holiday season. Then Black Friday came along.

White Men Appear Immune to Stop and Frisk, Not Mass Murders


Despite mass murders committed by suburban white men, it seems to be only inner-city black and brown youth that are the victims of Stop and Frisk.

Touch Isolation: How Homophobia Has Robbed All Men Of Touch


Mark Greene has one clear reason we should all fight for gay rights. Homophobic prohibitions against male touch are hurting straight men as well.

5 Lessons My Kids Learned From the Government Shutdown

capital building, u.s., america, congress, government, shutdown, national mall

Kyle Wiley made the most of the government shutdown by using it as a teaching tool for his two young children.

Is The American Dream Becoming the American Nightmare?

American Dream becoming American Nightmare

David Pittman wonders if our inability to protect our children is rooted in our belief that our country is so great—causing us to turn a blind eye to what is really happening.

Cross Country Training: A Train Ride Across America With My Son


Marco Greenberg and his son travel by train across America. Time gets conveniently suspended while they roll through geography, history and place.

Eleven Ways More Americans Would Be Discussing Syria Right Now

affleck al hassad

Yes, you will probably laugh. And Jeff Bogle seriously wonders why this is funny.

Is America a Failed State?

American flag

Alex Yarde asks Americans to look closely at the ways in which our nation is failing its citizens.

Love And Anger Are Close Cousins

love and anger

We often pervert the relationship between love and anger, to our own detriment.

Men or Mavericks

Planes Through Time

Kevin Macku asks if it’s pride that’s pulling men down from the labor force, or if it’s something else