Can Excessive Cursing in the Media Actually Make Our Kids Meaner?

Tor Constantino shares research that links excessive cursing in the media with aggression in kids.

Does Less Structure Equal Happier Kids?

Studies Show Most Kids Need Less Structure to be Successful

Five Out of 100 Baby Boys Will Have Serious Complications From Circumcision – How Many Males Do YOU Know?

Tom Gualtieri says, “the odds being 5 in every 100 are not the kind of odds I would to take a bet on should I have a son.”

Study: TVs Pose Real Danger to Kids

American Academy of Pediatrics finds that falling TVs account for a rash of injuries in children, ranging from emergency room visits to death.

What Can We All Learn From Gay Couples?

The success of a household depends on open negotiation of roles which have nothing to do with gender.

Hey Justice Scalia, Hitler Was Raised By Heterosexuals

In the DOMA and Prop 8 hearings, Justice Scalia has questioned whether its safe for children to be raised by same-sex parents; he should be careful what he wishes for.

American Academy of Pediatrics Comes Out in Supprt of Same-Sex Marriage

The AAP stresses that coming from a stable loving environment influences who children become much more than their parents sexual orientation does.

The Intact-ivists

A diverse group of men who are opposed to circumcision share a common, if unorthodox, mission—to restore their foreskins.

What if Jovan Belcher’s Friends Spoke Up?

Jovan Belcher and Kassandra Perkins were in an abusive relationship. Almost no one said anything.

If Puberty Is Happening Up to 2 Years Earlier in Boys, What Are the Implications?

Puberty used to begin at age 11-1/2. Studies are now showing it might be beginning up to 2 years earlier.

The AAP report on circumcision: Bad science + bad ethics = bad medicine

Brian Earp reviews the same data as the American Academy of Pediatrics and arrives at quite a different conclusion.

Academy of Pediatrics Changes Stance on Circumcision

American Academy of Pediatrics issued a confusing set of statements wherein they recommended that the benefits of circumcision now seem to outweigh the risks of the routine infant surgery.

Welcome to the Club

In this excerpt from Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro, David L. Hall talks about the importance of fatherhood and what it is like to join the dad club.