Is America Afraid of the Black Quarterback?

Cam Newton plays well in “position of power” and that’s “rubbing people the wrong way.”

The Day Rock Hudson Got AIDS: A Turning Point in American Culture

ndrew Smiler reflects on the cultural changes that followed the announcement that Rock Hudson had AIDS.

Patriotism Is Perplexing

  Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that patriotism isn’t just red, white and blue or merely black and white, either. This Independence Day holiday has been unique for me. For the first time in a while, I’ve considered how perplexing patriotism can be. For the past few years I sat along the Charles River on the Cambridge […]

Thin Is In: The Real Problem with Adam Richman’s Rant

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks more people should focus on being healthy vs being thin

Five Ways The Disney Channel Is Undoing Your Good Parenting

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the Disney Channel preteen lineup shows room for improvement. I have some issues with the pre-teen/teen Disney Channel shows. Truth be told, I haven’t spent more than ten minutes watching any single of them but, from those brief encounters, I’ve formed an opinion that they are undoing good parenting and I don’t think kids […]

Making Progress, One Man At a Time

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the “Feminist Father” wearing this shirt is evidence of progress and worthy of the attention he’s getting.

Jonah Hill: Homophobe or Human?

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks Jonah Hill isn’t homophobic but merely an imperfect human being.

My Husband Makes A Good Housewife

Dillan ponders why some men help, why some don’t, and a new way to think about partnership.

Love And Anger Are Close Cousins

We often pervert the relationship between love and anger, to our own detriment.

The Pursuit of Loneliness and The Death of Philip Slater

Slater’s classic book changed the way Jesse Kornbluth thought back in 1970, and guides him even now. Here’s why.

“Even though I look like this, I like myself. I wasn’t born beautiful in that way so why should I try to be?”

This comment was by ogwriter on the post Are Some Men Intimidated by Strong Women?

All I Ever Wanted Was a Cheeseburger

Growing up Orthodox Jewish in Houston, Texas in the 1950s and ’60s, the mixing of dairy and meat was forbidden.

A Child of Alcoholics Finds Serenity

Aaron Brinker changes a family tradition of silence around alcohol abuse, by telling the story of how he also became an alcoholic.

Drink Like a Union Man

Jesse Kornbluth learns to suck it up like the big boys.

Heads of the Hydra or, The End of Rape

It takes more than education on consent to stop rape, but it is a vital chapter in a new story of what we all want: a world without rape.

The American Phoenix

America’s strength is its ability to reinvent itself.