A Good Lie

Is the American Dream a lie? What do you think?

What Does it Mean to Have ‘Enough’?

Tom Matlack reflects on the world buzzing around him and wonders why there is the seemingly unquenchable thirst for “more”.

To My Kids On Adversity: The World Is Yours To Shape And Mold

A dad holds on to hope that in a world of people pitted against one another, times are a changin’ for the world his children will grow up in.

4 Ways Getting Fired Set Me Up To Claim My Real American Dream

Pejman Ghadimi shows us how losing can sometimes be the gateway to mastering The American Dream.

How Entrepreneurs Can Help Fix America

By mentoring young people, you can change lives, spread entrepreneurial values, and help grow the economy.

The Strays Among Us

What does it mean to be a stray? Randall Frederick has a few ideas.

Consume! On Bros and Defining the American Dream

The real issue with male apathy toward education is how it’s framed. It’s a language problem.

Why I’m Teaching My Son to be an Entrepreneur- While My Wife Tries To Get Him a Job

This father is an entrepreneur at heart, but that isn’t the only reason he wants to teach his son to run a business. He believes it’s what men need to teach their sons in this economy.

When You Were My Age

Baby Boomers these days, am I right? A rundown of some harsh socioeconomic truths for a generation that needs to listen to their youngers.

Live Smarter, Not Larger: Why Contemporary Man Won’t Be Measured By the Old American Dream

Seth Trent explains how the suburban fantasy is moving aside to allow for a different definition of success.

The Difference Between a Good Entrepreneur and a Great One

What makes a great entrepreneur? Who achieves the American dream of prosperity and success through the application of sheer hard work, determination and innovation?

American Men Can’t Win the “War on Poverty”

Adam Dyer wonders if shifting from a model of independence to interdependence would be better than relying on “war, conquering and oppression” for battles we just can’t win.

American Men Can’t Win the “War on Poverty”

We need to progress from the language of “war, conquering and oppression” to a language of “respect, engagement and interdependence.”

“I would rather starve.”

This comment by Mud on the post A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor Well, hot damn, Tom, congratulations. With those two $500 gifts, you’ve solved poverty in America. I gotta tell ya, though, that the people at the bottom don’t want your charity. My father was placed in a home. Shortly after, we […]

A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor

Doug Zeigler explores the very different messages of Pope Francis and New York City Mayor Bloomberg about the poor.

Gangsters, Indians and Hustlers

Don’t ask me how I got here on this reservation. I already know. Do you know how you got where you are? Do you know how to get out?