Boys and Men Just Want Sex. Right?


In reality, most male undergraduates don’t have—or want—multiple sex partners.

Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male [Excerpt]


Andrew Smiler, with some very unconventional wisdom about young men and sexuality.

American Reunion

Ok, SPOILER ALERT! I just got to see a sneak preview the new American Reunion film and it was everything you’d expect from that hilarious crew of aging “teen” actors. If you’ve been surviving off the direct-to-video Band Camp films like me, then AR has arrived just in the (Saint) nick (IS IT ALREADY CHRISTMAS? […]

Surviving in the Creep Zone


How does a non-creepy guy overcome the presumption that he’s a creep… without sounding like even more of a creep? Oliver Lee Bateman has an idea.

What’s Your Number? Here’s Why I Don’t Care


Does it really matter how many people you’ve slept with? Emily Heist Moss doesn’t think so.