The Hidden Traps When Manipulating Fear, Hate and Hope

You don’t have to be a Sith Lord to misuse the power of fear in your marketing. But you must embrace ownership of the consequences.

What I Learned At A Bernie Sanders Rally

The hype and horror of the candidates has distracted us from the real issues. But if the people do not participate in the election process, the election process will be taken from the people.

Is the Hitler Comparison Fair to Presidential Candidates?

Before laying down the “evil Hitler” gauntlet to stop the debates, let’s take a look at history.

A Personal Awakening on Racism in America

Donald Trump’s initial refusal to disavow David Duke reveals the prevalence of racism in America.

Trump And The War On Wisdom

The American political system is based on a slow-moving evolution of messy, awkward democracy and political compromise.

US Democracy “Trumps” All as a Dysfunctional Disgrace

As the rest of the world looks upon America’s 2016 presidential race and what has become a disgrace of a democratic system, its bewilderment can be organized around a series of hows and whys.

Nick Trotta and the Secret Service: One Man’s Climb up the Ladder

Not many people get the chance to serve and protect 5 Presidents of the United States, but Nick Trotta did just that.

To the Donald Trump-led GOP: We Will Fight You and We Will Win

Chris Crass isn’t surprised by the following Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric has attracted. But he wants to let them know that they will not win.

John Boehner’s Legacy

Matthew Rozsa discusses the impending legacy of soon-to-be former Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Biden: The President We Deserve, But Not the One We Need

Matthew Rozsa discusses why it’s a shame we can’t have presidents like Joe Biden.

When A Car Commercial Became A Message For Change

When you don’t think of them as dummies, something amazing happens. — In our current time in human history we are as advanced as we have ever been. We can cure diseases that once wiped out thousands of lives. Pictures and video can be captured by a phone that once was only used to make calls. […]

Gay Marriage, Political Division, and the “Right Side” of History

What’s TRULY driving your politics and beliefs about gay marriage?

When You Need to Have Difficult Discussions at Work

In the wake of Charleston, TJ Trent says we don’t have to avoid difficult discussions at work.

For a Better Society, Teach Philosophy in High Schools

Anger — in both politics and everyday life — is largely a reaction to fear, and fear can be lessened exponentially through learning philosophy.

A Troll’s Quest: On Holly Fisher and Other Remoras

In just a few days Holly Fisher has gained 23,000 Twitter followers, been featured in nearly every “news” source and has became, at once, an overnight darling and an overnight joke. But how did she do it?

And Thoreau Shakes His Head at America

If Henry David Thoreau still believes that “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty,” then he must be awfully disappointed about the current state of America.