Is Your Relationship Mentally Ill?

“It’s not me. And it’s not you. It’s us.” PsycheTruth debunks the DSM’s addition of ‘relational disorder’ to the growing pantheon of mental afflictions.

New York Considers Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

Dr. Jack Drescher said, “If you really want to educate the public about the risks of these treatments, the fact that there are states that have outlawed these treatments should be a chilling fact.”

Rates of ADHD Diagnosis for School-Age Boys Alarming

While some see the numbers as a good sign that ADHD is being more widely recognized, many are truly concerned that over-diagnosis is at work.

Deconstructing the Disease Model of Homosexuality

Professor Warren Blumenfeld’s fight for equality spans over 40 years. Here’s a glimpse into May 1971.

Newtown Massacre: Stop Conflating Violence and Mental Illness

By all means, let’s improve mental health services in the US. Please. But if you want to talk about how to prevent rampage violence, s.e. smith is afraid you’re going to need to move on to other subjects.

Who Needs Medical School Textbooks When You Have Wikipedia?

Research shows that medical school students are more likely to use Wikipedia in preparation for exams than official peer-reviewed materials.