Anderson Cooper vs. Trump

Anderson Cooper Rightly Calls Out Trump for Acting Like a Child

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Discuss Socialism

Matthew Rozsa looks at why the word socialism is stigmatized in current politics and how that changes.

Jon Stewart, Young Adults, and the Sanitized Classroom

What made Jon Stewart, and moreover The Daily Show, trustworthy and compelling to young adults?

I Believe in Your Victory

To be a real man, I must be as cool McConaughey, as bad ass as Diesel, as stylish as Ford, as funny as Key and Peele, all while maintaining the sensitivity of a golden retriever.

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Anderson Cooper: How a Story on Mindful Living Transformed His Life

Anderson Cooper is a darling of the American media, known for his compassion in covering tragic stories and now known for his daily mindfulness meditation.

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Make Sure TV Doesn’t Show It?

Michael Sam’s draft onto the St. Louis Rams and subsequent aired kiss with his partner has been discussed ad infinitum, but Anderson Cooper’s analysis is too good not to share.

Challenged By Anderson Cooper to Provide One Example to Justify Anti-Gay Bill, Arizona Senator Comes Up Empty

Though he insists it has nothing to do with discrimination, Arizona State Sen. Al Melvin (R) can’t explain why SB 1062 is needed to defend “religious freedom.”

They Say Trayvon Martin Could Have Walked Away

In a society that continually asks men not to walk away, Kristian Orozco asks if we are adding insult to a tragedy.

Are You Racist and Don’t Even Know It? (Video)

Elementary school girl judges situations based on implicit racial bias against black folks but she not the only one.

Anderson Cooper to Receive GLAAD Award

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick announced on Saturday that Madonna will be presenting the award to Cooper in March.

Kirk Smalley Found A Mission After the Suicide of His Son

Kirk Smalley says, “I will fight bullying forever because my son will be 11 forever.”

Sandy Hook Truthers are Afraid of the Dark

Sam Sattin believes the Newtown conspiracy theorists use the Internet as a place to peddle claims on the existence (and fear of) malevolent “others”, because the actual truth is just too scary to face.

Mississippi Teen Charged With Murder But Not Hate Crime in Hit-and-Run Death

The victim’s son says, “They ran him over because he was black.”

Syrian Activist Released From Prison

Anderson Cooper says, “Imagine, a grown adult hearing his voice for the very first time.”