Finding Julian

It took the terror of losing his young son at a museum to make Andrew Cotto realize what it meant to be mentor and a father.

20 Dads Share Their Favorite Children’s Books

What books do you enjoy reading with your children?

Jamal Simmons on Being a Good Man in Politics

Andrew Cotto talks man-to-man with political analyst Jamal Simmons about the greatest social problems facing America, President Obama’s legacy, and what it takes to be a good man in politics.

A Bloop Single Cost Me My Perfect Game, But I Redeemed Myself In My Book

Our friends at Deadspin run a series called “Glory Days”, that features readers’ tales of momentary sports glory.

Elephant on a Hot Tin Roof

Andrew Cotto notes the similarities between Tennessee William’s play and his view of the Republican Party.

A Social Person’s Social Media Problem

Andrew Cotto is a success at being social, which makes his apparent failure at social media all the more puzzling.

This Is not My Story

Andrew Cotto has his story about middle-class debt, but that’s not what this is about.

Obama’s Speech Won’t Matter Because He’s ‘Black’

Andrew Cotto argues that there are some people for whom it does not matter what the president does or does not say; they only care about the color of his skin.

500 Thursdays

For Andrew Cotto’s daughter, every Thursday is a special day.

A Conversation With Dennis Lehane

Andrew Cotto talks with the bestselling author about writing, books as movies, and the role of art in society.

Going Out to Eat Has Nothing to Do With the Food

Andrew Cotto’s grand dreams of a fancy birthday dinner with his best friend end in disappointment.

What 10 Albums Would You Want on a Deserted Island?

Andrew Cotto has his ten albums. What are yours?

Lamb Chops, Jezebel, and Kate Chopin

Andrew Cotto ponders the disappearance of feminism just as the the equality gap narrows between men and women.

The Shot-in-the-Ass Economy

Both sides of the aisle need to avoid finger-pointing if they’re going to fix the economy.

Scooter, the Big Man, and Me: In Memory of Clarence Clemons

Andrew Cotto remembers the Big Man, saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

Finding Julian

Andrew Cotto loses his son in a museum—and finds a new approach to being a good dad.