Reading for All Mankind: Good Men, Manga Style


A new series of biographies retells the lives of history’s great men—in comic book form.

Reading for All Mankind: Why a Decline in Violence Might Be a Bad Thing

non violence

Steven Pinker’s new book argues that our culture has become less violent. Andrew Ladd wonders what other evils that decline might hide.



We thought pain would be as difficult for men to talk about as were topics like race, and pornography and honesty, and rape and sexual violence, and gender. As it turns out, men want to talk about pain.

The Many Faces of Pain

photo by dendroica

A new memoir by a trauma surgeon sheds light on the different ways we can all suffer.

Reading for All Mankind: Do ‘Good Men’ Think Too Much?

Photo by Horia Varlan

A light-hearted new book by Damon Young and Panama Jackson about dating that suggests the debate about being a good man has become too intellectual.

Reading For All Mankind: The Voodoo Wave


Andrew Ladd reviews a new book about surfing, and wonders what it can teach us about being a good man.

Reading for All Mankind: How Should Good Men Treat the Planet?

Photo by pratanti

Sometimes living a ‘green’ lifestyle can seem difficult if not impossible. Andrew Ladd reviews three recent books that try to figure out why.

Staying in the Lodge: Robert Lipsyte’s ‘An Accidental Sportswriter’

accidental sportswriter

Andrew Ladd reviews Robert Lipsyte’s An Accidental Sportswriter and considers the problem of homophobia in professional sports.

A Billion Wicked Assumptions


The pop psych book that attempts to deduce our true desires by analyzing millions of search-engine queries is riddled with flawed reasoning and all-too-convenient conclusions.

When Gadgets Betray Us


Andrew Ladd talks security and mobile tech in his review of Robert Vamosi’s When Gadgets Betray Us.

Errands With Andre


GMPM columnist Andrew Ladd meets up with author Andre Dubus III to talk about violence, empathy, and Dubus’ new book, Townie: A Memoir.

Winning Friends and Influencing People, 75 Years Later

carnegie how to win friends 75 years

Andrew Ladd tackles an updated self-help classic—now sans sexism and racism—to find out whether its advice still holds water in 2011.

Savage City, Great Soul

savage city great soul

Andrew Ladd reviews two books that remind us how messy even the most celebrated social change can be.

Taking Guns Out of the Closet

Taking Guns Out of the Closet

Will Weaver’s “The Last Hunter” highlights one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a productive debate about guns in contemporary America.

Pathological Persuasion

Obama Persuasion

Andrew Ladd wonders if men are a little too excited about the power to control minds.

Science Guys


The hunt for a theoretical particle reveals an alarming trend in science: the competition to be the next “great man”—at any cost.